#1 silent saboteur of success

Have you ever been caught in a cycle of self-sabotage without realizing it? 

It can feel like a silent killer of your success. Today George is breaking down an article on psychological avoidance and how to overcome it. 

Pause, breathe, and reflect before acting. It allows us to acknowledge the emotion and respond (versus react). 

Grab your headphones and listen in to learn why…

  • It’s common to retreat from discomfort by avoiding challenging situations
  • Reacting impulsively can lead to undesirable outcomes. 
  • Remaining in discomfort out of fear or complacency prolongs dissatisfaction.

It’s about taking small, bite-sized steps every day toward alignment with your values and goals. This episode will give you practical strategies to navigate self-sabotage, and avoidance, and take charge of your path to success. 

Check out the article mentioned in the episode HERE. 


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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction to the Silent Killer of Success
02:52 The Importance of Recognizing Patterns
03:46 Exploring Psychological Avoidance
05:03 Breaking Down the Three Signs of Psychological Avoidance
08:15 Personal Experiences and Lessons Learned
20:58 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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