10 Small Marketing Shifts To Create Momentum In Your Business This Week W/ Emily Hirsh

One of the best things about what I do is finding heart-centered entrepreneurs like Emily Hirsh who are on similar missions. Emily started her first business at nineteen years old and is now running a team of twenty-three people helping brands amplify their message through paid media. 

She does it in a way that creates massive shifts, and I could not be more excited to share this episode with you. 

You Have To Earn Your Spot 

“I’m just going to work my ass off until I’m successful and I can earn the right to move up to the next level. “Emily Hirsch 

A few years ago, Emily started out as a virtual assistant saying yes to everything. With no real plan, she started to grow her business while pivoting where needed. Her drive to earn her spot in the digital world quickly took her from nothing to $15K months. 

While having a plan is essential, Emily believes too many entrepreneurs focus on the wrong thing versus adapting, pivoting, and getting ahead of the insanity. 

Her advice is just to start something and learn to fail forward. 

No matter how successful you are, or where you are at in your journey, you need to be pushing yourself to the edges if you’re going to survive as an entrepreneur. 

And one of the best ways to do that is by shifting your digital marketing mindset. 

Pivot Or be Left Behind 

Emily believes when it comes to marketing; almost everyone is doing it wrong. 

Why? Because entrepreneurs like to think nothing has changed when everything today is different in the digital world.  

She says, “if you’re not pivoting and evolving, you will be left behind.”

A lot of entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by the fast-paced digital world today. But they can prevent overwhelm by asking the following questions:

How can I do better? 

How can I evolve?

What is my audience going through right now? 

With those questions, you can find a way to solve the problems that potential customers are having and create a customer journey to meet them where they are. 

Because your customers want you to help them, you just need to switch your mindset and commit to trying new things until you find something that works.

Make Data Driven Decisions 

Another mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to customer journeys is denying the reality of increasing advertising costs and lacking knowledge of what their potential customers actually want. 

The numbers don’t lie. As an entrepreneur, you need to stop making decisions based on what you think “should happen” and go with proven data that actually works. 

It’s not about followers or likes on your content. Sure those help drives social proof, but if you want to survive, it’s about creating content that can deliver a powerful and meaningful message that converts.

Become A Consistent and Strategic Content Creator 

People don’t want automated webinars or courses anymore. 

They value attention as currency. 

If you want to stand out in today’s market, you must focus on providing consistent, value-packed content to deepen your relationships with your customers. 

Rather than launching multiple funnels and hoping for the best, you need to look at the numbers and scale with what you do best. That is why it’s crucial to  understand the customer journey and have a model in place to lead your customers every step of the way. 

Ditch The Templates 

To succeed today, you have to think like a pro. 

Competition is higher than ever before, so you need to get rid of the templates and stop chasing tactics. That doesn’t mean you have to launch a new marketing strategy; it means you have to frequently change the wrapping paper. 

The core principles of marketing are never going to change. It’s how you position a webinar, or a new headline, and even the components of your offer. And, the frequency at which you have to do that, especially on the front end of your marketing, has to happen every three to six months. 

Deliver Value. Create A Gap That Your Offer Can Fill. Sell Offer With Urgency

What content are you going to create? How are you going to provide value entirely for free and generate leads? How are you going to test your messaging?

These are the questions Emily asks entrepreneurs looking to get that next edge in marketing. 

In your customer journey, every touch point has to answer these questions. Emily says it’s tough to do, and it takes a lot of refinement to get to a place of success. But it can be done if you find ways to consistently deliver value, create a gap that your offer can fill, and do it with a sense of urgency. 

Emily says a common mistake many entrepreneurs make when it comes to urgency is creating scarcity with limited spots.

Those, are limited spots headlines. Rather than draw an audience in, it produces 

tension and a lack of trust. 

To create trust with urgency, talk about time-based bonuses and offers. 

Here is an example

The Backstage Pass is normally $231. But, since you are listening to this podcast episode from now until May 31st you can grab it for ( insert price). Use the code RBA and sign up now so you can start ethically scaling your business.

Remember, urgency is necessary to push people to make decisions and do something, but it has to be authentic or lose trust. And trust is hard to earn back.

What Now? 

You’ve spent an hour listening all about how to make shifts in your business, and might be wondering how you can implement them? 

What do you do with all that you now know?

Well, change requires changing. It requires investing in your business. It requires surrounding yourself with other people who live how you want to live. Most importantly though, change involves implementing what you’ve learned. AND, not stopping there. 

This is about developing a relationship with yourself, so you never leave your potential on the table. 

And that’s why I created Comments To Cash.  Its a framework for dominating social media. 

You can learn from my mistakes in a lot less time than I did.

SO, are you ready to honor your authenticity so you can create recurring and consistent income in your business with a simple offer structure? 

Grab it now. 

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