11 questions you can explore to jumpstart your 2024

Picture this: a table filled with every dessert imaginable. If you could indulge in any dessert next Christmas, what would it be? In today’s episode, we’re diving into the sweetness of celebrating the holidays, reflecting on the past year, and finding gratitude.

Join George and his incredible friend and CEO, Ashley DeLuca, for a short and powerful episode packed with 11 questions to guide you into the new year with clarity top of mind. 

Listen in to…

  • Hear the 11 reflective journal prompts.
  • Learn the power of reflection and putting pen to paper.
  • Not let fear overwhelm or stop you from taking your next step.

As we wrap up, remember that your answers to these questions are the pieces of your vision. Clarity paired with actionable tools is your secret sauce for success.

We all made strides this year, whether in workouts, business, or life. It’s time to pause, appreciate your journey, and avoid staring too long at the gap ahead. The secret? Focus on your GAINS.

These reflection questions Ashley shared in this episode were created by the amazing Rachel Tenny whom you can find here! Give her a follow and support her incredible work in helping give you reminders of how worthy you are as a human.

Don’t forget to download the questions here and work through them on your time! 

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