3 Steps  To Controlling Your Attention And  Becoming Indistractable with Nir Eyal  

It seems as if everyone is glued to their phones and attention spans are shorter than ever before. So how do you maximize your life and time so you can become indistractable? My good friend Nir Eyal has the formula for controlling your attention and choosing your life. Nir is an author of two books, a serial entrepreneur and an investor. Today, you can find Nir helping companies create indistractable behaviors that benefit their audience and educating entrepreneurs on how to build habits that make that stick. In today’s episode, we talk about distraction and how to  avoid it, plus Nir shares with us a rule that every entrepreneur must incorporate inside their business and life. 

Listen in to discover:

  • 3 steps to becoming insistractable 
  • A 10 minute rule you need to follow
  • How to maximize your attention in a world where everyone is glued to their phones

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Time Stamps And Quotes

01:18 Intro to Nir Eyal and why this episode is extremely important right now

04:35- Nir share how missing a moment with his daughter led to writing indistractable 

10:31 ​​The opposite of distraction is not focus , the opposite of distraction is traction- Nir Eyal

11:08 Distraction is action that pulls you away from what you plan to do. Anything that pulls you further away from your values, further away from becoming the kind of person you want to become, and this is really important because what this means is that any action can be traction or distraction. 

14:46 The only way to call something a distraction is to know what it distracted you from. Nir Eyal 

18:48 The reason we tend to get distracted, 90% of the time is about what’s going on inside of us, not the external triggers, but the internal triggers- Nir Eyal 

20:11 Time management requires pain management. Nir Eyal

22:33 The self-help industry really gives people a warped understanding of this goal that they put in people’s brains that we should somehow always be happy. Nothing could be farther from the truth- Nir Eyal

27:05 Why technology is hacking your brain 

33:18 Are you a blamer or a shamer?

39:29 The 10 minute rule says that you can give in to any distraction, but not right now.Nir Eyal 

46:37 The 10 minute rule says that you can give in to any distraction, but not right now.- Nir Eyal 

61:03- Why you need to become indistractable right now more than ever 

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