6 Relationship Mistakes That Prevent You From Scaling With Laura Poburan

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle  of entrepreneurship and lose yourself along the journey. For nearly twenty years  I struggled to understand that the most important relationship you will ever have in life is the one staring back at you in the mirror. And in today’s episode, I get raw with you and share a different podcast than what you hear on Fridays. 

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by my friend Laura Poburan on all things relationships and much of what we talk about has never been shared until a few weeks ago. This is one of the most raw and vulnerable episodes I’ve ever done. Listen in as you discover why it’s so important to accept yourself before you help others, how you can create meaningful and lasting relationships  with yourself and others, plus so much more.

Listen in to discover 

  • The most important relationship you can ever develop in your life 
  • How to create containers to avoid blurry lines in relationships
  • Advice for coaches who aren’t willing to be transparent and vulnerable
  • How to empower others in a  relationship without creating codependency 
  • How to ensure you are in alignment  so you can build a business that thrives 

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Notable Quotes & Time Stamps
Introduction To Why I Am Sharing This Podcast With You 

07:36 I always cared about people  and wanted to connect deeper, but I never realized that my heart was in the passenger seat and my trauma was the driver- George Bryant 

08:14 On paper  I had everything that I  wanted:  a New York Times bestseller, number one app in the world, millions of social media followers, and was forced to develop a relationship with the number one person that I’m guaranteed to spend the rest of my life with whether I liked it or not-myself. 

15:35 You are unable to create a safe container filled with intimacy and vulnerability for people that you don’t really personally know until you are able to be intimate and vulnerable with yourself first and make yourself feel safe.- Laura Poburan

16:27 Without our own intimacy, we can’t have clear boundaries and containers for our energy. – George Bryant 

19:49 It’s easy to get wrapped up into stories, posts, and content. But we have to honor where we currently are and then make sure we’re being at least integrous with ourselves so that what we’re sharing  matches and aligns to where we are. – George Bryant 

26:06 Leadership is not at the finish line. Leadership is willing to take the journey next to somebody and having the humility to acknowledge where you are. _ George Bryant 

29:09 The reason I use a lighthouse in my branding is because a Lighthouse’s job is not to jump in the water. The Lighthouse’s job is to remain consistent and congruent, constantly spinning that light- George Bryant 

35:48 – Blurred lines come from us getting disconnected from what we said we wanted to do and not holding ourselves accountable to what it looks like.- George Bryant 

45:28 – You’re responsible for saving your own ship because no one is coming to save you- George Bryant 

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