6 Step Breath Process to Manage Emotions with Sam Kabert

Take a Deep Breath: Transform Stress into Strength!

Join George in an interview with Sam Kabert as they unveil the secrets behind his upcoming book, “Overcome the Overwhelm” and his new 6-step Breath Framework!

Grab your earbuds and tune in to learn how…

  • Approach challenges with a game-time mentality, viewing them as opportunities for personal growth and development
  • Identify and steer clear of spiritual bypassing by refraining from using beliefs as a justification for behavior
  • Dive into shadow work by acknowledging and delving into your emotions to foster deeper self-understanding
  • Implement the six-step breath process to effectively manage emotions and cultivate positive habits for personal well-being

Are you ready to overcome overwhelm and unlock your full potential?

You can find more of Sam’s work on his Instagram or by listening to his podcast.

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➡️ Stroke of insight – Jill Bolte Taylor

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Unlocking the Power of Breath with Sam
01:34 Introducing Sam: A Journey of Breath and Overcoming Overwhelm
03:35 Sam’s Six-Step Breath Process Unveiled
08:11 Embracing Emotional Rollercoasters: From Overwhelm to Empowerment
09:49 The Science Behind Emotions and Breathwork
22:59 Sam’s Personal Journey: From Heartbreak to Healing
31:41 Navigating Life’s Overwhelms and Embracing Vulnerability
32:20 The Power of Acceptance and Growth Through Adversity
34:01 Exploring Spiritual Bypassing and Shadow Work
35:14 The Journey of Self-Discovery and Integration
45:28 Breathwork and Emotional Regulation Techniques
57:42 Soul Life Balance: A Guiding Principle for Personal Growth

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