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As far back as I can remember, ...

I searched for someone to tell me who I was. And I suspect, because you are here, you want me to tell you who the man in pink shoes and hoodie is too.

I’ve been homeless, bullied, abused, and in combat. I’ve been the New York Times best-selling author, the 7-figure entrepreneur, the Crossfitter, the veteran with PTSD, the family man, the marketing guy, and now…

I am home.

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    It took me forty years to realize that we often don't see things as they are; we see them as we are. None of us ever have a marketing problem; we have a relationship problem- with ourselves, our team, and our customers.
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    Entrepreneurship reflects who we truly are. Deep beneath a dangerous game of addictions is something more significant waiting for us. This is why I believe in humans over everything. Because critical shifts in my life happened when I started doing less and spending more time with myself. It was hard…but it was the only thing that allowed me to be here today with you.
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    The words you see on this page are nothing but mirrors of the truth of who you are from a different perspective. And though the journey of entrepreneurship can be fun, it will draw upon every aspect of your life.

Here’s how we got here

Addicted To Chaos

I came into this world with a mother addicted to cocaine, a severe mental illness, and a dysfunctional family. The messages I received about love caused me to create narratives about how I needed to relate to others.

As a young boy, I was sexually abused at nine and raped by two women at thirteen. All the years of repressed shame led to bullying and bulimia. I was in survival mode, trying to figure out my place in the world to be loved.

As a result, I developed walls that prevented people from seeing who I was with no boundaries and ran away to the Marine Corps in search of something better.

Traded Authenticity For A Uniform

Went from being bullied and shamed to a perfectionist in one of the most elite fighting forces in the world, the Marine Corps.

Traded authenticity for a mask of confidence and high performance. The price was steep-personal integrity for the cost of fitting in. I became a chameleon attaching my self-worth to the opinion of others.

I pushed my body to complete exhaustion to prove myself worthy and almost lost my legs to compartment syndrome. Doctors told me I would never run again.

Then I ran a triathlon and tied the world record for the highest box jump in Afghanistan at 57 inches. Found my passion for uncovering human potential.

After twelve years, I was medically separated. It was the start of something great, although I had no clue.

The Walls Around Me

Felt the presence of death by witnessing three friends who took their lives from the heaviness of PTSD and my father died from brain and lung cancer.

Triggered by my fears of abandonment, my mind constructed stories and narratives of why this happened and what it meant. Unable to take a step back and look at the hidden beliefs I held about myself, I found the Paleo lifestyle and entrepreneurship to hide behind.

I built a seven-figure business and thought it would all be enough. But it never was.

Civilized Caveman turned into another form of addiction for me, masquerading behind extremely generous behaviors in my quest for approval via likes, hearts, comments, and clicks.

And while I became a New York Times best-selling author and a 7-figure entrepreneur, I never felt fully loved. I never shared how I felt with anyone. I attached my self-worth to my achievements because I didn’t want to be seen as a failure.

Somehow, I started a digital marketing consultant business on the side. A decision that would soon wake me up to personal freedom.

Mother Ayahuasca

One morning, after a transformational experience with Ayahuasca, I made the best decision in my life- I handed over my Civilized Caveman empire and walked away.

That choice woke me the fuck up. I realized my ability to love and be authentic didn’t depend on anything external. It depends on my integrity and being able to share the deepest parts of my heart and soul with the world.

It was time to prioritize myself before anyone else.

The Lighthouse

The death of a family member, friends, and my relationship with my body woke me up to my destructive behaviors. I chose to learn and unlearn lifelong stories and patterns that did not serve me.

Through it all, I realized my story is my greatest gift. I took responsibility for the depth of my heart and built the strength to stand firm through it all.

This is how I found the lighthouse. The world invited me to shine my light and become who I was meant to be. Once this light came on, I could not turn it off.

The Mind Of George

After nearly a decade of working with some of the brightest minds in the world, I started a podcast.

I moved my family to Montana and rebuilt everything after instantly losing seven figures in a global pandemic.

Despite the chaos, the results were incredible and The Relationships Beat Algorithms model was born.

My audience quickly grew, and I started masterminds and live events again.

The more I interacted with my audience, the more I realized:

“You never have a marketing problem, you have a relationship problem.”

Today, I am dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to deepen their love affairs with their customers.

Welcome to the family,

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