Ask me anything (I share how): lead generation, book launches, and crushing overwhelm!

Feeling zoomed in and unable to see the bigger picture? 

The solution? Connect with your network to pull you out and uncover the solutions you already have. 

In this special episode, George is joined by his CEO Ashley Deluca, and three exceptional entrepreneurs. Each of them will pose a question to George, initiating a collaborative exploration into the nuances of the chosen topic.

A common thread throughout each conversation is elevating relationships, whether that be with your customers, team, or self. 

Tune in to hear more on…

  • Insights on managing the customer journey throughout the book creation and launch phases.
  • Strategies to infuse more personalized human touchpoints into your customer journey.
  • Gaining crystal-clear clarity on the desired outcomes for your customers.
  • Navigating the challenges of business overwhelm and maintaining momentum to propel your success.

By the time this episode wraps up, you’ll gain valuable perspective and insights from Meaghan, Nathan, and Trisha’s questions. 


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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
00:21 The Importance of Book Launches
01:08 Introducing the Guests
02:47 The Power of Numerology
03:09 The Journey of Writing a Book
05:18 The Art of Marketing a Book
06:57 The Power of Giving Away Content
09:58 The Importance of Understanding Your Audience
29:46 The Importance of Earning Success
30:14 Staying Consistent and Balancing Content Creation
31:08 The ‘Two for Me, One for Them’ Approach
31:46 Building Relationships and Maintaining Connections
32:47 Promoting Your Podcast and Engaging with Your Audience
33:26 The Power of Relationships in Business
34:36 Overcoming Overwhelm in Project Implementation
45:43 The Art of Storytelling and Audience Engagement

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