Behind the curtain Q&A with the visionary & CEO with Ashley DeLuca

Have you ever felt the weight of making the right decisions inside of your business? 

There are a lot of “do’s and don’ts” shared in the online space. Entrepreneurship is a wild ride that is tied to YOU making the right decisions for yourself and your business. 

Today George and his incredible CEO, Ashley DeLuca, join for a rapid fire Q&A styled episode. Together they are diving into the in’s and out’s of business relationships, like team building, communication, finding the right business partner, and more.

Hint: It all boils down to ONE thing…Trust. 

Tune in to hear their wisdom on… 

  • Unravel the secrets of building a stellar team.
  • Delegation and trusting your team.
  • Leadership insights rooted in support, vulnerability, and emotional safety.

This episode will leave you feeling confident with your ability to find the right people to join your journey to the top. 

Key time-stamps: 
00:00-4:26: Introduction to Ashley Deluca.
4:27-12:13: How to find the right business partner?
12:14-22:26 : How to delegate effectively. 
22:37-28:04: Releasing control inside your business.
28:05- 40:54: How to not burn it all down.
40:55-1:04: Honoring your emotional self.
1:04-1:09: How we find the right speakers for our events.
1:10-1:13: Closing conversation.

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