Big teddy bear of truth of reminders

Navigating a curveball thrown at you? It can feel like a punch to the gut. 

But we have a choice. We can either let the external weight of the world crush us, or we can focus on what we can control, operate with alignment, and take our first step towards progress. 

In today’s episode, George is sharing personal lessons he has learned from navigating recent unexpected changes in his personal life and business. 

Tune in to hear the silver linings he is embracing and learn…

  • The importance of removing finish lines in your journey.
  • How to turn unexpected changes into positive outcomes.
  • Why embracing unpredictability opens the door to new opportunities. 
  • How to unpack the game of consistency and learn daily practices that set the foundation for future success.

This episode will leave you feeling ready to embrace change, find your own silver linings, and step into resiliency. 

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
01:15 Embracing Change and Personal Growth
04:39 Overcoming Fear and Embracing New Perspectives
07:18 The Power of Alignment and Consistency
12:28 Conclusion: The Importance of Self-Leadership

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