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Stand Guard at Your Lighthouse

Feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges and uncertainties?  You are not alone and George is dishing out a candid episode exploring the power of standing guard at your lighthouse— protecting your mind and heart.  In this episode you’ll uncover practical strategies

Big teddy bear of truth of reminders

Navigating a curveball thrown at you? It can feel like a punch to the gut.  But we have a choice. We can either let the external weight of the world crush us, or we can focus on what we can


How do I hold my clients accountable?

How can you hold your clients accountable?  It’s a common struggle that course creators, coaches, and consultants face, especially when the main goal is to prioritize client results.  Join George for today’s episode as he dives into the essential five


Business is a game of withdrawals and deposits

How can reciprocity impact your business?  Imagine this: You ask your audience to engage on a post…and they don’t.  It might feel like they are ghosting you, or it might be because the deposits in your “relationship bank” haven’t been


Does our body lie to us?

Have you ever had a gut feeling when it comes to business?  That energy in your stomach is your body’s way of telling you something important. Join George for this short and sweet episode as he dives into the powerful