Building a Successful Nonprofit with Josh Vernon & Shalini Melwani

Despite the amount of information available to entrepreneurs, when it comes to running a nonprofit organization, many have no idea on what it takes to be successful. To help mitigate that confusion I interviewed Josh Vernon, founder of Do Wicked Good  and Shalini Melwani, founder of Spread the Joy Foundation, an organization dedicated to spreading joy for children who are in long term hospital care.

Inside today’s podcast, we talk about the difference they are making in the world through some of the darkest times in life, plus cover how to run a successful fundraising event , resiliency, and so much more. This one’s very near and dear to my heart because I’m a father of two, and grew up in New England. If this one touched your heart, help spread the word by checking out their socials and website below. 

Listen in to discover :

  • Common mistakes entrepreneurs make when running a fundraising campaign
  • How to embrace new ideas so you can create opportunities 
  • Why Josh and Shalini started Do Wicked Good and how you can help 
  • Principles to improve the quality of your life and business so you don’t burn out

Learn more about Wicked Good Non-Profit 

SpreadTheJoy.org – Instagram: @SpreadTheJoyFoundation
DoWickedGood.com – Instagram: @DoWickedGood
https://Bit.ly/SpreadWickedJoy – Instagram: @SpreadWickedJoy

Notable Quotes & Time Stamps

02:00 Introduction to podcast and why George is interviewing Josh 

05:46  Why Josh and Shalini started their non profit 

20:28 George asks about how difficult it is to run a successful nonprofit 

30:03 The importance of having everything aligned when it comes to fundraising 

39:33 The joy that comes from working with children in today’s world 

49:45 Power round of questions with George 

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