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Focus: 4 Real Hacks for Productivity Entrepreneurs Won’t Share

Wanna know the best-kept secret of seven & eight figure entrepreneurs? It’s something that so many high performers in marketing do…  But something that no not many share with the world. What’s up family, It’s George. And I’m coming at


Don’t Be Rocky McCocky With Theresa & Owen Hemsath

Today’s episode is part two with Owen & Theresa Hemsath on YouTube domination.  I feel like we need to be charging money for the amount of knowledge Owen drops in this episode. From understanding your audience on a deeper level


Make It Up, Make It Real, Make It Recurring with Taki Moore

In today’s episode, I interview Taki Moore, a dear friend and arguably one of the most successful coaches I’ve ever met. Taki is the author of The Million Dollar Coach and creator of The World’s #1 Marketing System for Coaches