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There are 3 modes of productivity… are you using all of them?

Productivity ON, distractions OFF. Join George as he shares an Instagram post that inspired today’s episode on productivity. The struggle between busy work and genuine productivity can be overwhelming. Listen in to learn how to… Understanding your current mode and


My Raw & Real Ayahuasca Journey With Deven Ortiz

Ready to peel back the layers of reality? From the back room of a women’s shelter to a real estate tycoon, buckle up for this deeply personal and candid conversation. Join George and his Guest Devie Ortiz, a man who


From self sabotage to self discovery with my own medicine

Leaning into your personal power? Now that’s powerful as f*ck. Brace yourselves, because in this episode, George is unveiling a deeply personal journey: his weight loss journey that was a byproduct of him unlearning toxic patterns and relearning how to


This is the right addiction to have!!! With Stevie Mayer

What is your guiding light? Join George and his guest Stevie for another soul-stirring episode. Stevie is sharing her journey from the pits of despair to the heights of authenticity. Together they dive into self exploration at the deepest level. 


The 30-Second Email Method ($$$)

Brace yourself for a jolt of powerful wisdom on how to communicate effectively. Join George as he dives into the heart of communication and the importance of understanding the reader’s perspective.  Discover how to… It’s time to transform your communication


You know just enough to be dangerous but are you? With John Vagueiro

Ready to shatter your limits and rewrite your success story? Join George and John Vagueiro to dive deep into the audacious world of relentless determination, fearless pivots, and unyielding mindset.  John is sharing his incredible journey from a determined teenager


4 ways to zap your team’s stress (and yours) before 2024

Have you ever wondered why some teams click while others crumble?  In this episode George is stripping teamwork down to its core and exploring the practices behind what makes a successful team. We’re talking alignment, support, and nurturing- the real