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One Trick to Avoid Empty Wins…

Do you wonder what the secret sauce is to staying productive?  Join George as he delves into the topic of productivity and the game-changing power of staying consistent. If you have been wanting to move the needle in the right


Where The F**k is Your Next Dollar w/ Bob Thompson

Here’s a change in perspective that might be the needle mover in your business: It’s not about chasing customers, but creating them by crafting exceptional customer experiences. Join George as he is sharing part 2 of his conversation with Bob


Baby Shark for Business

When questioning your move, be a SHARK.  Join George as he discusses the power of staying consistent and making continuous steps towards your goal. Just like a shark can’t swim backwards, George is sharing how to avoid a complete overhaul


The easiest success muscle to flex

Are you flexing your self-love muscle?  The power of positive self-talk and self-love is real, and today George is talking about his personal relationship with both practices. Self doubt, negative thoughts, and questioning your next move all come with entrepreneurship


Sigh More… NOW!!!

Are these the essential tools for personal and professional success? Join George as he explores emotional regulation, stress management, and personal development based on his journey in life and business.  Grab your notebooks and get ready to build your personal


Filthy rich. Right ways. Right reasons. with Rob Bailey.

Get ready to dive deep into a riveting conversation that’s all about embracing change, finding your rhythm, and realizing that the world keeps turning even as we blaze our own trails.  Join George as he interviews Rob Bailey. Together they


Do NOT hide from the REAL game!!

Picture this: a rollercoaster of emotions, a symphony of triggers, and a dance with uncertainty. Join George as he dives into the heart of emotional resilience and why it is the secret sauce to success in both life and business.


Is the fear of success real?

Buckle up, because we’re about to uncover the hidden layers of fear of success.  Join George in this solo episode where he dives into what this fear is rooted in, why we experience it, and how to overcome it. From