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The Profound Journey of Darkness Retreats with Scott Berman

“I didn’t even know that I needed permission to feel this way.“ Let’s take a moment to truly let this sink in… Now, join me as we dive into the profound journey of darkness retreats with Scott Berman. Together, we’ll


Sharing the Unseen for Deeper Connection

In this episode, George dives deep into a transformative question that sparked a major breakthrough for him. He shares his journey of self-reinvention and his commitment to being fully present for others, free from judgment and shame. George highlights the


It’s Your Turn to Drop the Armor with Christine Jewell

Join George in this powerful conversation, as he interviews Christine Jewell about the transformative journey of dropping the armor and aligning with God’s purpose. Christine emphasizes the importance of releasing the limiting beliefs and programming holding you back, dropping the


The Real Essence of Leadership

Are you ready to serve and support your team and customers on another level? Join George as he dives into the real essence of leadership—it’s not about climbing the ranks but lifting others up!  Press play to know how to


Rest and Recharge: The Power of Seven Types of Rest

In this episode, George dives deep into the “7 types of rest” you NEED for a balanced life! From social to sensory, mental to emotional, creative to spiritual, and of course, physical rest—he’s got it all covered.  Ready to transform


The Power of Presence: Dallas Event Recap with Ashley DeLuca

“The work is really an inside out game. Like it’s just me continuing to find places and pieces where I get to be better.“ Oooh, this feels like a tickle. Join George and Ashley in their reflection on heart-centered leadership