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If you’re an entrepreneur looking to scale your business…

…you might find yourself posting on every social media platform because you have FOMO.

It might even feel like it’s a challenge to convert hearts, comments, and likes to customers.

Or maybe you have an audience that you regularly engage with but sales are not consistent? 

Whatever marketing strategy you use, chances are you are missing the one key ingredient that makes a social media marketing campaign successful.


Many marketers will offer you drag-and-drop templates that promise to do all the work for you…

….they’re leading you to believe that you’re just one social media planner and funnel away from success.

And it’s understandable, because who doesn’t want more time and energy in their business? 

But the worst thing you can do is look like a robot…because your messaging needs to be congruent and consistent with who you are. 

This course is for you if:

You feel lost and on the slow path...

There are hundreds, if not thousands of entrepreneurs who have thrown money out of the bank by chasing tactics and shortcuts to build a brand.

Statistically speaking, you are probably one of them. 

When I polled my audience, 77% said they felt lost on social media. Only 23% felt confident in their marketing plan.

You constantly feel frustrated with social...

At a certain point on your journey, you’ll want to outsource as much as you can so you can focus on what you are good at. 

I’ve tried every single strategy there is…

and understand that it’s not easy to keep up with the fast-paced world today. 

Your business isn’t attracting or retaining customers…

But the truth is, you never have a marketing problem, you have a relationship problem.

And relationships can never be outsourced.

That’s what I’ve been teaching to all my 1-1 clients …and what I want to give to you today.

This is all entirely possible and I can show you how.

Comments to Cash is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who want to build a highly profitable brand through proven frameworks that attract and retain customers for life.

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Here's what's inside:

  • social-media Kopie
    MODULE 1 – SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY: Without a lighthouse, you’ll be posting blindly in the dark hoping that the more you post, the more you’ll grow. My 77 social media prompts and lighthouse worksheet will help you get started on creating value-driven posts that position you as an expert while building relationships to attract and retain customers who love you.
  • customer-behavior Kopie
    MODULE 2 – EMAIL MARKETING MASTERY: While social media might have revolutionized marketing, if you don’t have a home for your audience…you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. With my 5-part onboarding sequence and sales series, you’ll create authentic relationships that make your audience and customers feel seen and heard in a way that no template could ever do.
  • recurring-payment Kopie
    MODULE 3 – HOOK AND HEADLINE GENERATOR: You only have seven seconds to capture your audience’s attention. In this module, you’ll learn my 3-part process for creating hooks that keep your prospects engaged with clear and concise headlines.
  • sunbathing Kopie
    MODULE 4 – PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or part of a team, planning and prioritizing your social media content is key to preventing burnout. In this module, I’ll give you the exact methods I use with my 1-1 clients so you never have to worry about feeling overwhelmed by social media while creating more structure in your life for accountability and productivity.
  • motivation Kopie
    MODULE 5 – CUSTOMER INSIGHTS: This powerful exercise will help you understand your customer better than anyone else so you never have to guess about what to create next. My Captain’s Assessment will help you gather valuable information about your customers so you can dial in on your messaging and your products and services become a money-making machine.
  • growth Kopie
    MODULE 6 – CRAFTING OFFERS: This is where all the fun lies. In my 5-1-3-0 method, I will show you how to get paid for your offers before you create them. You’ll learn how to involve your current audience and customers in the creation of your offer so they are invested from the start and save a ton of time and money upfront.

The marketing genius behind it all.

George Bryant,
Digital Marketing Expert

If you don’t know George, the famous Mike Dillard describes him as the “single best marketer in the world right now.” Others describe him as the Teddy Bear of Truth or the crazy bald dude with pink shoes. He does in fact eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and isn’t afraid to push you to be your best self.

Having helped scale some of the largest companies in the world, George is the industry’s best kept secret. With his no BS approach, George is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, just like you, shine your light and amplify your impact. Through his relationship-first approach to business and marketing, you can ethically scale your business in this transactional world with ease.

Ready to turn comments to cash?

It’s your turn to build a highly profitable brand through proven frameworks that attract and retain customers for life.