Don’t Be Rocky McCocky With Theresa & Owen Hemsath

Today’s episode is part two with Owen & Theresa Hemsath on YouTube domination. 

I feel like we need to be charging money for the amount of knowledge Owen drops in this episode. From understanding your audience on a deeper level so you can create content that attracts and converts, to the required tactics and strategies to ensure success with any video channel you use, and the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make on YouTube, this episode is going to blow your mind. 

If you haven’t listened to part one, it’s linked below. Start there, then come to part two. Make sure you grab a pen and paper and put your phone somewhere to let this episode sink in so you can leave with some action plans to start scaling your business through video today.  


Listen to Part 1, Why You’re Treating YouTube Wrong 

Inside Today’s Episode, You’ll Discover : 

  • Two required tactics to ensure success on any video channel you use
  • The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make on YouTube
  • Five one-title strategies to crush your conversion rates 
  • How to use the title, thumbnail, and hook to increase views and watch times

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Time Stamps 

00:00 Introduction to part 2 of YouTube Domination

04:24 Why most YouTube advice doesn’t apply to entrepreneurs 

08:04 Mistakes entrepreneurs make when  creating a YouTube channel that converts

15:02 How to create content that addresses your customer’s stages of awareness 

21:46 How to create video content like Netflix 

24:01 Creating 1,230 minutes of content with a 1-hour strategy

33:56 Optimizing your titles and descriptions  on Youtube

39:46 The tripod of optimizing Youtube watch times 

45:19 Creating hooks that convert 

58:51 How to check if your content has the right structure for success 

64:20 Close out of the episode 

Notable Quotes 

As entrepreneurs, we have to shift the paradigm from chasing trends to building a business that allows us to understand the platforms we use so we can shine our light through values and scale at a sustainable rate. -George Bryant 

YouTube is a visual representation of your brand, company, and mission. This is why 90% of YouTube strategies and tactics won’t work for most entrepreneurs. – Owen Hamseth

Your YouTube channel is a tool that you utilize by creating consistent and congruent content to help people, regardless of the transaction so you can serve your customer through different stages of awareness. – George Bryant 

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of creating content for someone ready to buy now.  But your audience is actually who your customer was six months ago.- Theresa Hemsath

Our job as entrepreneurs Isn’t to find our customer, it’s to create our ideal customer. – George Bryant 

YouTube is ready to suggest a video with a similar title, because YouTube is like Netflix, and it wants you to binge-watch.- Owen Hemsath

How to describe is so innate in the business world. It’s an easy hook to use. – Owen Hemsath

YouTube is not an autoplay scenario like Instagram and Facebook. It’s unique because you still have to click and search for something. Your title, thumbnail, and hook have to reel your audience in. – Owen Hemsath

Spend as much, if not more time on your hook and your thumbnail. – Owen Hemsath

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