Don’t build their vision, use these tools to build yours w/ Grace Emmons

Get ready to unlock your inner power and step into your purpose with this incredible episode. 

Join George and his incredible guest, Grace Emmons, a healer, teacher, and guide for high profile CEOs and creatives. Together they explore the importance of your unique path, how to recognize your strengths and tap into the bigger vision. 

Listen in to this enlightening episode to learn the power of…

-Discovering your highest path and why it requires you turning inward to tap into your inner guidance.

-Finding clarity through your unique purpose to walk your path towards success.

-Finding fulfillment through tuning into your inner light and creating a life that resonates with it. 

And if you take ONE thing away from this episode, Grace and George hope it’s this: Your path is YOURS. No one else can define it for you. So trust your strengths and lead your life from that place. 

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