Don’t Share Your Personal Story On Social Media Before You Understand This

Sharing your personal story on social media has the potential to elevate or devastate your business. Story is what connects us all. But have you ever stopped to think about the difference between intimacy and authenticity?

I know I’m guilty of sharing too much information too soon and it’s cost me. But here’s a truth, if you are constantly sharing your personal story on social media without a framework to support it that works for your brand, you are walking down a slippery slope.

And what I know from my own experience in creating multiple million dollar businesses is that stories are powerful, but only if you do it in a way that is authentic and true. So put in some headphones, or tune in on your car ride, because I’ve got a life raft that will make sure you are telling the right kinds of stories inside your business. 

So don’t worry if you feel like you’re drowning in social media overwhelm, because we’ve got the life raft that’ll get you to shore.

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