The Email Marketing Launch Pad

Learn a step-by-step framework for growing a profitable email marketing system so you can convert your ideal clients and skyrocket your business.

Formerly: Email Marketing Mastery / Eternal Flame Method

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The social media hamster wheel...

The biggest mistake that every entrepreneur makes when scaling their business (that keeps them on the hamster wheel) is this:

“You struggle with getting your audience to leave social media and turn them into paying customers.”

With constant changes on social media platforms and glitches that prevent you from having access to your audience, relying on social media alone can create a nightmare that leaves you stranded.

Now, don’t get me wrong. 

Social media is a great place to build your brand…but if you’re not leading your audience off the platforms, you’re leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table…

…who knows how many missed opportunities for new clients. 

That’s where email marketing comes in.

You are the one who decides how often your subscribers hear from you and how they engage with your brand without trendy dances or sacrificing your voice to grow your audience.

You are the one who decides how often your subscribers hear from you and how they engage with your brand without trendy dances or sacrificing your voice to grow your audience.

Whatever brings you here, if you don’t have an email marketing engine inside your business, your ideal client will find someone who does.

And it all comes down to the customer journey framework.

In my twenty years of entrepreneurship, I’ve found that most online entrepreneurs focus on growing their audience on social media without a scalable framework.

So inside the Email Marketing Launchpad, I won’t only equip you with the latest customer journey frameworks, marketing tactics, and strategies working today…

….but I’ll also walk you step-by-step through my proven five-part customer journey sequence so you can build a high-converting email marketing funnel with any product or service you ever create.

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Create Masterful Campaigns That Convert and Never Lose A Customer Again

This step-by-step DIY online coaching experience led by email marketing master, George Bryant, will give you an exclusive access to the secrets of customer journeys essentials that private clients pay a minimum of $15K/month for…

…and will guide you in building an email marketing machine in just twelve weeks, with 29 modules of proven frameworks and formulas to skyrocket your business results. Enroll now and let George Bryant, the email marketing master guide you in building an email marketing machine that will drive consistent and recurring revenue. 

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You'll have mastered in EMLP...

Customer Journey Framework

You’ll have the skills to craft the perfect customer journey sequence so you can attract your target audience, create a compelling marketing campaigns, and design a journey that takes your subscribers from interest to action.

Conversion Based Email Marketing

Writing emails can be tricky. At the end of the course, you’ll have a proven framework with conversion tactics that’ll make sure your emails get opened and clicked so you can confidently convert your audience.

High-Converting Marketing Funnel

You’ll get the ultimate shortcut to skyrocketing your business in just 12 WEEKS. You’ll have the confidence to build a conversion funnel that guides your audience through a memorable experience that inspires them to buy.

If You Enroll Now You’ll Receive:

The Social Media Bridge ($97 Value)


A clear roadmap to connecting your social media and email marketing efforts so you can drive conversions. Discover how to increase the reach of your campaign, but also bring in continued subscribers so you never have to worry about where your next lead will come from.

Amazon Email Mastery ($497 Value)

Amazon can be an incredible sales channel, but it’s not always the best for building customer loyalty. That’s where my bonus mini course comes in. I’ll show you how to create an email marketing system that works seamlessly with Amazon, so you can keep those customers coming back for more. 

Subscriber Surge System ($297 Value)

Tired of crafting  email campaigns that don’t resonate with your audience?

I’m giving you my step-by-step framework for crafting masterful campaigns that truly speak to your audience. By making them feel seen, heard, and understood, you’ll create a surge in daily subscribers.

Always Be Opened ($97 Value)

Don’t let another email go unnoticed. This bonus training program will teach you how to capture attention with powerful hooks, so that your audience can’t help but open your email and take action.

PLUS this limited time BONUS

In this 3-step process, you’ll get instant access to my playbook for profitable DM’s so you can ethically scale your business through social media. 

I’ll teach you the exact methods I’ve used to skyrocket multiple 7-figure businesses, and give you the trademark customer journey model I use with all my private 1-1 clients so you can start making profits in your DMs

Here’s a sneak peak of the launch pad:

Let me show you inside!


Once you enroll through our secure order form below, you’ll receive an email to confirm your registration and access to your course inside a secure membership portal. 


The Launch Pad is specifically designed to equip you with the latest customer journey frameworks and proven principles to scale your business with email marketing.

You’ll get step-by-step training with every module, as I guide you through creating a customer journey framework that companies pay me $50K for a weekend to learn this.

That’s why I wanted to do this, so you can have EVERYTHING you need to build an engaged list that is ready to buy without paying the price tag to get personal access to me.

This is a self-learning program that lets you set your own pace. However I encourage you to dedicate 2-3 hours a week which will allow you to complete it around 6 weeks.

This flagship program is a rare opportunity to access my proven frameworks for a fraction of what I charge my clients.

That’s why the launch pad is not for anyone who wants to try it out or swipe my methods.

I’m committed to protecting the integrity of my community and business and only want entrepreneurs who are ready to commit. That’s why there is a strict no-refund policy on this program.

This program will create an email marketing system designed to convert with confidence regardless of your industry. In fact, many entrepreneurs increase their client base well before the end of the program. 

But here’s the thing, I’m a marketing coach, not a magician. While I will do everything I can to share with you everything I know about email marketing, it’s up to you to do the work and implement it inside your business.

If you’ve purchased Eternal Flame Method, Email Marketing Mastery, or similar email course from me — it’s potentially the same framework or even course. We’ve been changing the wrapping paper on this course for the last year to find the name that sticks. (AKA doing what I teach!) Feel free to send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Start Scaling Your Business Today.

My team and I have invested hours – months – into updating this program. 

So that you can have access to everything you need to build an email marketing system that gets faster results. You even get the discount if you pay in full to my RBA accelerator program which costs $7500 to enroll. 

This is your chance to start building a system that will work in any business you launch, at a fraction of the price…

All you’ll pay for lifetime access to this step-by-step online program is $1497.

Or, choose the easy 2-pay option and get access for just $777 today, then 1 more monthly payment of $777.

This one-time investment in yourself is something you can easily make back with your new product launch or even your VERY FIRST CLIENT.  

All I ask for is your full commitment to show up and actively participate in the program and use my framework to sell products and services that genuinely help people.