Every Word Matters, Use Them Wisely!

Welcome back to another AMAZING episode of the Mind of George Show where George discusses the power of words and how they can influence others. In this short episode, he shares a personal experience of reading posts on Facebook that had conflicting messages, which made him realize the impact of words. 

George emphasizes that every word we use plants a seed and has the potential to influence others, he also talks about the importance of being mindful and intentional with the words we use, both online and offline, as they can shape perceptions and relationships. 

You’ll be introduced to an exercise where George encourages listeners to analyze their own words and evaluate if they are consistent and congruent with their beliefs. 

Remember: be intentional with your words and create a safe environment for others.

Grab your earbuds and tune in to learn…

  • How every word we use has the power to influence others
  • That words can create positive or negative feelings in people
  • About the effect our own words have and how they can help us ensure consistency and congruence
  • Being intentional with our words is crucial in creating a safe and trustworthy environment

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Welcome and Introduction: The Power of Words
00:39 The Impact of Social Media Posts on Perception
01:26 The Influence of Words
02:55 The Exercise: Analyzing Your Own Social Media Presence
06:25 The Importance of Consistency and Congruence in Communication
11:02 Invitation to Join the Every Word Matters Exercise and Closing Thoughts

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