Exploring Discipline, Awareness, and The Power of Alignment with Scott Jackson

Join George in today’s transformational episode with master practitioner, healer, exceptional teacher and friend, Scott Jackson. In this episode we will dive into the depths of personal growth. 

Listen in to hear George and Scott’s share about…

  • Understanding that discipline is not about intensity, but rather consistency.
  • Exploring how our unresolved trauma can manifest outwardly until we heal it.
  • Recognizing that our perception shapes our projections.
  • Discovering how we can collapse the gaps between actions to accelerate clarity.
  • Unpacking the dynamics of masculine energy and learning how to harness it effectively.
  • Reflecting on the importance of embodying, believing, and aligning with our vision.

Are you ready to tune into your inner wisdom, harness your awareness of self and embrace the journey you are on in life and business? Then sit back, relax, and enjoy this extraordinary episode. 

Stay tuned for next week as we resume The Talent Code Series and dive into chapter 9! If you’d like to listen to previous chapters to catch up, use the links below

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