Feeling lonely as an entrepreneur? This is for you

Nobody chooses to self-sabotage.

In this conversation, we dive deep into the vital need to speak up and seek help instead of suffering in silence. We bust the myth that entrepreneurs need to have it all perfectly together and emphasize the importance of realistic expectations and strong support systems. Introducing the eight-minute rule, we share a simple yet powerful way to be there for someone in need.

Embrace your emotions and join us in fostering a culture of openness and connection.

Tune in and…

  • Speak up – don’t suffer in silence. Ask for help as an entrepreneur.
  • Set realistic expectations and acknowledge the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey. 
  • Create a code word or phrase with friends or your community to make reaching out for help easier. 
  • Join a supportive community to gain the necessary support and accountability on your entrepreneurial path.

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What do we talk about in this episode?

01:02 The Struggles of Entrepreneurship
01:54 The Importance of Asking for Help
02:36 Simon Sinek’s 8-Minute Rule
06:37 Creating a Support System
07:58 Implementing the 8-Minute Rule

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