Focus: 4 Real Hacks for Productivity Entrepreneurs Won’t Share

Wanna know the best-kept secret of seven & eight figure entrepreneurs?

It’s something that so many high performers in marketing do… 

But something that no not many share with the world.

What’s up family, It’s George. And I’m coming at ya with another solocast and this week I’m sharing with you 4 productivity hacks that will change your life.

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Let’s dive into the episode.


I never truly understood the power of this until I started setting up my work space intentionally.

I know there’s people that love working in coffee shops and they love their office, but the best minds in the world talk about environmental design and state change.

So what is it? 

It’s being intentional in your space about where you create, research, practice, and where you fill up your bucket to win.

And so for me, environmental design means creating a space that holds me to my potential of creativity and calling out the best version of me. 

When you think about environmental design, you have to think about a lot of things from colors, to artwork, photos, your desk, and lighting. 

Your environment is probably one of the biggest negated hacks for you having success as a human and an entrepreneur. But most of the time our environments become an accidental byproduct because we refuse to build this space. 

So, hack number one is being very intentional about your environment.

You would never design a blueprint for a home in 10 minutes on the back of a napkin and say, go build it and be happy with the result.

You would do research. You would take the time. You would plan.

But when it comes to work, a lot of the time entrepreneurs are not intentional about our environment. It becomes a byproduct or a default.

We open up our laptop, we do this, we try this, and we just get in this rat race of not setting up our environment.

You have a lot of environmental variables that you can completely control, that you can either intentionally use to bring out the best version of yourself, or you can unintentionally let it create itself to where you might not like how you feel in your space.


This is one of the most underestimated hacks in the world.


There are a lot of times during an entrepreneurs day that can feel overwhelming. But with the Pomodoro Technique, you get to realize that progress is the true secret. 

Step one of the pomodoro technique is to pick a task.

Focus on one clear task at a time.

Step two is to set a 25 minute timer. 

Then work on that task without any other distractions. Nothing else except that task for 25 minutes. And when the timer goes off, you take a five minute break.

Step # 3 is changing your state.

Go outside,  do some breath work, listen to a song, or even  go for a walk.

Step 4- Repeat steps 1-3 . 

The goal of this hack is to get started on that progress with clarity of your needle movers inside your business.


Number three is my true secret weapon. 

If you’ve ever watched me on video, you’ll see this device that’s hanging around my neck.

What Hapbee does is use ultra low radio frequency signals than can isolate compounds like caffeine, nicotine,vitamins C B, D, melatonin, adrenaline, and any compound in between.

Instead of you having to rely on a cup of coffee or certain other supplements  that only give you a temporary boost with side effects, Hapbee plays the frequency of that.

Your neuroreceptors in your brain and your body start to respond to that signal.

And so I use my Hapbee be for everything, and it is probably the single biggest reason that I sleep eight hours a night and stay focused. 

It is probably one of my favorite Biohacking devices that I’ve ever had in my life.

My whole family uses them and so does my team.  

Grab one here …you’ll be so happy you did 😛 


Number four is a NOOTROPIC.

I recently stumbled upon this about six months ago and it is by far the best one I’ve ever used.

I’ve been biohacking for a long time. If you don’t know this, I used to be one of the top paleo food bloggers, and so I would look at all these modalities of health.

Quantum Mind was developed by my buddy Neil Thacker.

He struggled with Adderall and ADHD, and wanted to make something that didn’t harm the body and helped them focus.

There’s no downside,  side effects, or dependency on this product.

If you want to increase concentration , lower stress, and improve your energy, this is a supplement to take.

For disclosure, I was not paid for this. I was not asked to do this.

I have their website and I have a coupon code for you because they provided an event product for us for our people in the room because Neil came to the event.


Allright family, that’s all for this week.  

Now you know my 4 BIGGEST Productivity hacks… Are you ready to change your life?   

Until the next episode, George  

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