From Backstreet Boys Fan Girl to Their Manager: Crazy Tips that Actually Worked with Cassie Petrey

Welcome back to another episode of The Mind of George. Join George as he interviews Cassie Petrie as she shares her journey from Backstreet Boys fandom to CEO of a top celebrity social media management firm.

Cassie shares a fresh perspective on combining passion and purpose into your career path. 

Listen in to learn…

  • How to turn your passion into a thriving career and business.
  • The importance of unconventional marketing approaches to create significant impact.
  • How to achieve work-life balance and foster productivity.
  • From Cassie on how to find new opportunities and secure dream deals.

Get ready to be inspired by Cassies entrepreneurial spirit and drive to build a thriving and passion-driven business. You won’t want to miss this vibrant episode! 

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