Go For Stupid : How To Achieve Ridiculous Goals With Steve Sims

In the world of social media it seems as if everyone is terrified to do anything that might be laughed at or looked down upon. Today’s guest Steve Sims, is the exact opposite. Steve is known for making the impossible happen. From getting married by the Pope in the Vatican, working with Elon Musk and Elton John, Steve is the go to guy for achieving ridiculous goals in life. 

Listen in to discover :

  •  Why hard times are the perfect opportunity to tap into your unlimited potential 
  •  How Steve turned drinking opportunities from Zoom into massive business opportunities
  •  How offending people is an opportunity for people to connect 
  •  Why Steve sends over 300 Christmas cards in June 
  •  How you are only one call away from achieving ridiculous goals 

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Time Stamps & Notable Quotes

00:00 Introduction To Steve Sims 

03:17 Why Steve Sims prayed his new book would not be published 

07:17 How the pandemic created an excuse economy 

09:22  Zoom drinking turned into massive opportunities 

25:57 How ro make ridiculous goals come true 

34:39- How to turn a no into a yes with better stories 

42:17 How to build relationships that last with high end profiles

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