Homeless to Home with Breath w/ Zach Hallford

Here’s how to breathe your way to inner peace and business success!

Embark on a transformative journey of breath with George and his dear friend, Zach Hallford, a true expert in breath work and healing. 

Today’s episode will help you navigate your emotions, gain control of your nervous system and operate from a space of inner power. Listen in to learn the….

  • Significance of breath work in regulating emotions and creating inner balance.
  • Connection between the breath and the nervous system.
  • Importance of attuning to your body and listening to its signals.
  • Value of having breath work as a tool you can return back to regulate emotions, reconnect to your inner wisdom, and facilitate healing. 
  • Key to navigating triggers and stressors that come with life and business. 

Ready to experience the power you can create with your breath? As promised, here are the details to join Zach and I for a breath work session: 

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All are welcomed to join us for this special session. And if you want to explore more mindful episodes like this one, check out some of my favorite previous episodes! 

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