How To Dial Up Your Visibility with Color Psychology w/ Michelle Lewis

What do your brand colors convey about your marketing? In today’s episode, Visibility Vixen, Michelle Lewis unpacks the implications of color psychology. You’ll learn how to choose the right colors for your brand and find ways to simplify your visibility process, free up your time + dial in your growth with key visibility tools. 

This is a secret weapon to expanding your brand. Grab a notepad and dive into the psychology of color because your mind is about to be blown. Send me a DM on Instagram and tell me your biggest takeaway when you finish the episode. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  1. Why cohesion and consistency are the secret weapons to your brand standing out
  2. Why Pinterest is lying to entrepreneurs and destroying brands
  3. The 4 primary colors of psychological branding
  4. Impacts of professional photos on your brand and why you need one now
  5. The 3 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when choosing brand colors and what you can do to ensure your brand empowers the right people at the right time 

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