How to Ignite Your Behaviors to Accomplish Your Mission with Kevin Kartchner

When it comes to actually creating results within your business, we often focus on the wrong thing. Taking a step back and looking at the foundation of how you create change, you can drastically improve your business and life. In this episode with special guest Kevin Kartchner, you’re able to learn right alongside George how you can ignite your behaviors through a simple goal process, sleeping, and starting your day differently.

In this episode, George and his special guest Kevin Kartchner are also diving into:

  • Proximity to those who see what is possible for you is irreplaceable
  • It’s all about perspective: lazy vs. efficient by stealing other’s cheat codes
  • Why talk is cheap and you actually have to work for the red go-cart
  • If you have more than 3 big goals, you have zero (and how to fix that!)

As Kevin mentions at the end: “If you don’t quit, you will succeed. If you just keep going, you will succeed.” This episode will help you push forward so you too can fulfill your mission in life.

You can find Kevin over on Instagram to learn more about what he does and to check out his book, Talk is Cheap!

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