How to manage multiple business obligations with joy and purpose with Mike Rubin

Unleash Your Potential: Redefine Risk & Success!!!

Join us in this powerful episode as George and Mike Rubin ignite the flames of inspiration, sharing profound insights on risk-taking, nurturing relationships, and crafting a roadmap to success.

Discover how breaking free from conventional risk paradigms opens doors to unparalleled opportunities. This episode will challenge you to seize the moment and unlock your full potential, reminding us that the greatest risk lies in not daring to chase our dreams.

Tune in now and join the movement of personal growth and gratitude to learn how to:

  • Seize the opportunity to succeed and avoid the greater risk of holding back
  • Take action to cultivate critical relationships and actively contribute to the success of others
  • Make better decisions by prioritizing your values, roles, and goals
  • Embrace failure as a valuable learning opportunity on your journey to success
  • Embrace the non-linear path to success and learn from every step of your journey
  • Empower yourself to take action and acknowledge your emotions
  • Invest in relationships and actively pursue your passions

So are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and success? Together, let’s ignite our passions, cultivate authentic relationships, and dare to dream big! 

We weren’t meant to do this alone… Whether it be business, relationships, or life. This is why this is an invitation for you…to join us inside the Relationships Beat Algorithms Alliance!!!

Click here for a summary of the Alliance because if you’re coming here into the show notes, there’s a good chance you already know! 😉

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Redefining Risk: A New Perspective on Success and Failure
03:52 The Power of Embracing Failure and Rethinking Risk
05:37 The Stamina of Success: Learning from Failures
08:25 Navigating Business and Life with Core Values and Goals
10:24 Building Strong Relationships and Cultivating a Supportive Team: Finding Focus and Mitigating Priority
19:15 The Importance of Being Intellectually Honest About Your Values
25:49 Finding Identity and Navigating Business Decisions
32:03 The Power of Presence and Personal Transformation
32:30 Reflecting on Success and the Importance of Authenticity
33:27 Redefining Success: Climbing the Right Ladder
33:55 Simplifying Life: The Quest for Ease and Clarity
34:44 Insights from an Intense Airbnb Lock-in: Questions that Spark Change
35:36 The Value of Intellectual Honesty and Self-Reflection
36:13 Navigating Change and the Importance of Speed in Decision Making
55:08 Embracing Authenticity and the Journey to Self-Discovery

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