How To Seal The Deal With High Ticket Clients

How to Seal the Deal with High-Ticket Clients…

To close high-ticket deals  you need to have a set of skills that both empathize with your potential clients and incentivize them as a reason to take action…

So how do you do that?

In this podcast, I am breaking down three of my marketing laws from the last episode so you can start closing high-ticket deals.

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Let’s dive in!

To close high-ticket deals , you need to create a deep relationship built upon trust and values.

More specifically, you need to speak to your potential customers in a way that allows them to feel seen, heard, and understood at their level.

I’ve talked about this before, but the emotional  brain is the part of our brain that’s responsible for how people opt-in, buy, and consume your content.

This is where your trust is built inside your brand messaging.

So if you want to close high-ticket clients, then you need these three marketing laws .  

And I would say that if you are reading this, you know how important relationships are to your success… 

But here’s where most people go wrong…

You need to treat everyone the same regardless if they buy from you or not.

Before you address “high-ticket clients”,  and dish out all the amazing reasons why they should choose you… 

You need to address these laws…

Now for those of you who don’t know, these marketing laws are responsible for building multiple 7, 8. & 9 figure brands. And this is arguably one of the underestimated frameworks for closing big deals…

Remember: always value humanity over transactions.

So what does all of this mean and how can you close high-ticket deals effortlessly?

Well, there are 3 laws that will help…

#1 – Engage In Two Way-Conversations

One of the most important things you can do is let your potential customers know that you are paying attention to them at every level of awareness…

Companies that hire me one-on-one are doing $4 million or more. And when I go into these companies, they all have the same problem— they don’t know what their customers want.

This leaves them spending absorbent amounts of money on data and researchers without having foundations.


When I sit down with entrepreneurs, we get to the root of their problems quickly so I can understand everything they want to achieve their goals.

And you can do that too by ENGAGING in two-way conversations and letting them know…

“Hey, I see you!…

Whether you realize this or not, the people that are already paying attention to you are the best source of data and insight that you will ever have for the heartbeat of your business. 

I’ll give you an example…

In March of 2020, I lost $400K in a matter of seconds. 

I kind of came back to my rules and asked myself “ what am I gonna do?”

So I looked at my Facebook group and went straight into two-way conversations to build a course that was a six-figure launch. 

How does this apply to you? 

Remember, your audience is always watching and the more you engage in conversations with them, the more relatable and attractable you’ll be to close those high-ticket deals.

Alright, next up on the laws…

#2 – Avoid The “ Midas” Touch

The classic Greek tale, King Midas was known for turning everything he touched into gold. However, this “gift” quickly turned into a disaster.

I see too many entrepreneurs fall into this trap after a jolt of success. They think because they had a successful launch, they made it…

But the truth is, you can’t compete on width, so you need to go deeper.

Make people feel seen and heard at every touch point you can by adding some personalization. And remember, just because someone buys from you, doesn’t mean you stop nurturing the relationship.

How do you add personalization? You could utilize your DM’s.

Create one video and send it to people who follow you, or throw it up in your stories thanking them for being part of your brand. This little thing can make you stand out from the crowd and show your audience that you care about them as humans.

Because nobody else is taking the time to do this, you’ll stand out and  attract high-ticket sales. 

#3 – Ditch The One Night Stands

People will not buy from you unless they trust you first!

This is especially important if the audience is new and you want to turn them into high-ticket clients. 

One of my favorite ways to establish trust with my audience while showing them I am the right fit, is by treating everyone with respect regardless if they ever buy.

How do I do this?

Relationships are the core of sales!


Show up wherever you can and provide value in the most authentic way to get your customers to buy into what you’re trying to sell them.

Remember, people don’t like to be “sold” things—but everyone wants to feel like they are seen and heard.

This is the secret of sales inside Apple.

In fact, only 10 percent of people who go into Apple’s store ever buys form them…

Could you imagine what would happen to Apple if they didn’t let the other 90 percent into the store?

They would lose 90% of the traffic that comes into their store every day and the series of touch points that eventually leads those window shoppers  into a customer somewhere in their value ladder.

So this law is huge for you to understand “ that just because somebody’s a no right now doesn’t mean there are no forever.” 

If you come into my ecosystem and you’re ready to buy, great! But if you’re not ready to buy, that’s okay too…

Tell me how I can help and I will gladly help you whether you ever buy from me or now. 


Now, if you want to go more in depth with these laws, I invite you to come to our Lighthouse Business Accelerator in Austin, TX, March 9-12.



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