How To Unlock The Power Of Creativity

It takes a lot of creative power to turn an idea into a multi-million dollar business.Many entrepreneurs tend to think they need more leads, sales, and fancy funnels to build a successful business. In the process of searching for more tactics, they forget to let their lighthouse shine. In today’s solo cast, I talk about how you can unlock your creative superpowers, and why creativity  is a necessary component for not only success in entrepreneurship, but also joy in life. 

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Time Stamps & Quotes 

00:00 Introduction to this weeks solo cast 

01:56 Entrepreneurs are the crazy ones who go out and claim what they want in the world, and then come back into the present moment with courage to make it a reality- Alex Charfen

04:06 How George’s son helps him dream big 

09:00 How to get into creative flow 

13:00 How to use Disney’s strategy to unlock creativity inside your business 

19:02 Wrapping up the episode and giving you actional tips

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