I was scared to live. (Here’s what changed!) with Richard Kaufman

Ever found yourself wondering how to tackle life’s curveballs?

The secret to navigating life? An honest connection to yourself. Join us in today’s episode as Richard Kaufman sits down with George as they peel back the layers of George’s journey to success. 

It’s not just about business victories; they’re diving deep into the personal, professional, emotional, and relational wins.


  • Why resilience links to committing to your future self, irrespective of momentary feelings.
  • Strategies to navigate failure, transforming it into opportunities for reflection and growth.
  • The significance of adopting the Sacred Lightkeeping Quadrants as a foundational practice for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

This episode is your backstage pass to genuine, unfiltered conversations. Your relationships matter, especially the one you build with yourself. So, grab a coffee and join us for some insights and real talk.


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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction and Nervous Anticipation
01:29 The Host’s Introduction and Guest’s Arrival
02:45 Defining Resiliency and Overcoming Trauma
05:27 The Power of Intention and Attention
06:30 The Importance of Self-Reflection and Growth
07:26 The Struggle with Physical Fitness and Self-Image
10:16 The Journey of Self-Discovery and Personal Transformation
15:00 The Impact of Emotional Eating and Self-Acceptance
17:27 The Reality of Military Service and Transitioning Out
21:42 Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts and Embracing Life
44:17 Facing the Fear of Living
44:22 The Power of Honesty and Self-Reflection
45:13 Sponsor Shoutout and Veteran Advocacy
47:08 The Journey of Personal Development
47:58 The Importance of Taking Life Seriously
49:18 The Importance of Time Management
49:51 The Struggle of Overcoming Trauma
50:40 The Power of Self-Reliance
55:08 The Power of Positive Self-Talk
57:58 The Journey to Self-Improvement
01:02:12 The Power of Gratitude
01:17:23 The Importance of Staying Focused
01:19:13 The Power of Self-Belief
01:22:07 The Importance of Self-Reflection
01:25:39 The Power of Commitment
01:27:36 The Importance of Self-Advocacy
01:29:07 The Power of Self-Improvement

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