It’s Your Turn to Drop the Armor with Christine Jewell

Join George in this powerful conversation, as he interviews Christine Jewell about the transformative journey of dropping the armor and aligning with God’s purpose. Christine emphasizes the importance of releasing the limiting beliefs and programming holding you back, dropping the protective armor and walls to embrace true intimacy and connection.

In this episode you will feel encouraged to make the decision to operate from peace and stillness, and to align your physiology with your spiritual body. Find out about Christine’s new book, “Drop the Armor”.

Tune in and learn how to…

  • Release the weight of worldly programming and beliefs that hold you back
  • Align with God’s design for your life and embrace your unique calling and gifts
  • Connect with God and create before consuming external sources
  • Keep half of your schedule open for divine guidance
  • Align your physiology with your spiritual body

Embrace this journey, ignite your faith, and unlock the extraordinary life you were meant to live!

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction and Guest Announcement
00:35 Christine’s Journey and New Book
01:50 Deep Dive into Heart-Centered Living
04:03 The Concept of Dropping the Armor
09:27 Spiritual Alignment and God’s Calling
14:51 The Power of Surrender and Healing
17:32 Understanding True Alignment
23:52 The Role of Peace and Spiritual Standing
30:23 Behavior Modification vs. Heart Change
35:15 Navigating Spiritual Warfare and Doubt
38:38 The Power of Heart-Centered Leadership
45:10 Guarding Your Heart and Mind
47:10 The Call to Be Warriors of the Heart
57:10 Creating Space for Spiritual Connection
01:02:24 Final Reflections and Gratitude

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