Make It Up, Make It Real, Make It Recurring with Taki Moore

In today’s episode, I interview Taki Moore, a dear friend and arguably one of the most successful coaches I’ve ever met. Taki is the author of The Million Dollar Coach and creator of The World’s #1 Marketing System for Coaches and Consultants. 

Today, we talk about how effective marketing will change more lives than your coaching if you treat entrepreneurship as a life artist. Taki reveals his three-step process for taking ideas and turning them into recurring revenue, plus gives you a guaranteed model for success within your business.

Bruce Lee of Entrepreneurship 

There are very few entrepreneurs that I’ve met who can take their family and visit forty countries in forty months while running a profitable business. 

Taki Moore is one of them.

I call him the Bruce Lee of entrepreneurship because he ran a webinar against a wall with bullet holes as his boat was pulling away and turned his dream into a recurring revenue machine. And today, he reveals some of the secrets to his success and frameworks you can use today to start turning your ideas into revenue systems. 

Treat Entrepreneurship Like A Life Artist 

There is nothing more attractive than someone comfortable in their own skin expressing their message- Taki Moore 

In a world filled with opportunities, it can feel overwhelming when you are flooded with moments of inspiration. 

To take ideas and turn them into revenue recurring machines, Taki says you have to look at entrepreneurship as a life artist. Someone who understands the why behind their method and squeezes every drop of juice from all possible angles. 

From this place, entrepreneurship becomes an art. A form of expression that allows you to see the world from many different angles and views and turn obstacles into opportunities. To Taki, money directly reflects how many people he gets to serve. And his business is about making cool shit for people to like and implement in their lives. 

He strives to run his business like an artist because his work becomes a mirror of who is inside. 

He references this metaphor from the book The E-Myth by Michael Gerber and how he approaches business like a gas station run by a church. This approach has led to his success and freedom today. 

Why Effective Marketing Will Change More Lives Than Any Coaching Model

As entrepreneurs, we face a great deal of uncertainty in our lives. Customers, marketing, finances, sales, family. The list goes on forever because the game is forever changing. 

Taki recognized this and created a method called The Weekly Client Machine. 

It’s a step-by-step guide that helps you create less and market more while ensuring you get clients without spending more time.


His rule- give in public, ask in private. 

Being of service everywhere he goes creates a magnitude of attraction without doing more work. It also allows him to repurpose content on the spot. 

Think about how this can apply to your marketing? Where can you lead from a place of abundance rather than scarcity? Where can you repurpose your content? 

Make It Up, Make It Real, & Make It Recurring 

Taki follows a three-step process of taking ideas and turning them into revenue recurring machines when it comes to systems and processes. He stumbled upon this concept from a book called- Shape Up, Stop Running In Circles, And Ship Work That Matters.

Taki breaks down all his ideas into six-week projects.

It’s long enough to take a picture and make it available but short enough that you can’t procrastinate or feel overwhelmed. That’s why Taki loves this container for ideas.

If anything is more extensive than six weeks, his team has a two-week cool down where they take time to pause and reassess. This keeps him on track and aligned with his vision. 

When ideas strike, he takes time to note them and uses the Shape Up framework. It gives him clarity and intention and helps him prevent overwhelm and guilt. 

He says if an idea is still essential six weeks from his initial thought, he will find a way to make it real and turn it into a recurring model inside his business. 

What keeps him aligned?

The German word for fingertips is “fingerspitzen”.  

It’s Takis’s compass that guides him like a pirate ship. Everything he does has intention, clarity, and focus around one single mission. Once that mission is accomplished, he moves on to the next with the same amount of intensity. Entrepreneurship is a momentum-based game, and you can get a lot done in a short amount of time with the right amount of clarity and intention. 

Taki believes effective marketing done with this approach can change more lives than coaching. 

Why? Because 

Where can you take ideas and concepts in your business and use this six-week cycle to make them profitable? How can you find your internal compass to guide your ship more like a pirate with intention and clarity? 

Wrapping It Up 

We covered a lot of information on today’s podcast with Taki Moore. 

And I want to leave you with one last question: What’s the cost of not having clarity in your business? 

If you aren’t clear, it causes overwhelm and slows your momentum. 

You can’t grow, and your business won’t last long if you do. 

Strategies, tactics, and scaling principles are great, but you’ll keep spinning the hamster wheel of entrepreneurship without clarity. 

There’s something for every person out there in the world. Our role as entrepreneurs is to provide a solution to our customer’s problems in a clear, focused, and intentional way. When you can do this, momentum happens inside your business and life. 

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