Manifesting Your Dream Business: How To Create And Attract What You Really Want W/Jenn Kennedy

If you want a business that brings happiness and abundance into every aspect of your life, this episode is for you. Each of us has a unique reason for becoming an entrepreneur, but how many times have you sat on an idea without generating it. Or, what about feeling overworked with nothing left to give or show?

Oftentimes we don’t attract our dream business or life because we choose complacency over true alignment. Our habits and environment create a totally different reality than what we say we want because we often are chasing the wrong things. 

Jenn Kennedy  was a teacher for eight and a half years and had this calling for something greater. Shortly after she became an entrepreneur, she saw success but realized something was off and ended up burning it all to the ground to start over and build a 7-figure empire.

In this episode, we’re deep diving into what it really takes to attract and create a dream business and what you can do to avoid burnout so you don’t build a business to die. 

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction To Jenn Kenedy
05:52 How George And Jenn crossed paths
12:25 The truth about entrepreneurship no one talks about 
23:47 Burning it all down to create a dream business and life 
38:33: Jenn shares the importance of trusting your intuition and emotions
50:17 Why everyone needs a soul tribe

Want to know how to manifest your dream life?  

🥁Cue the drumroll….

The best way to manifest everything you desire is to create who you want to become.

Mind blowing…right?

The truth is, in order to create a dream business, you need to unlearn everything that has been holding you back, so you can tap into your true potential.  

And instead, just telling you to believe in yourself and all that is possible, I brought on my dear friend Jenn Kennedy to share her story and how to manifest your dream business.

Let’s get into this week’s breakdown of the show.

Entrepreneurship Is Like A Rollercoaster

George: What is really interesting is seeing how much things have changed as an entrepreneur over the last few years. 

If you talked about making entrepreneurship with money, everyone would have said” you’re out of your mind, I’m grinding, I’m hustling.”

The massive shift of separating humanity and then putting us in a place where the only way to get our buckets full of connection was through the internet has created a massive shift in the paradigm.

And this change makes my heart happy because I’m watching things go away due to people’s discernment.

It’s become a catalyst for most entrepreneurs. 

Jenn:  You and I both made massive moves during the “whatever we want to call it” the last two years.

I think it either made you complacent with fear or invited you towards your soul’s calling.

And for those who chose to go inward, they connected more with themselves and others because they felt like they had no other choice but to answer the call. 

For me I had to ask myself “ what is the life that you really want to lead?”

For my relationship we looked at eachother and asked “  what’s the life that we really want to live? What is our truth? What is the life we truly want to live?

From there we had to go inward as a couple and then look at how we show up as individuals and entrepreneurs. 

Questions to ask yourself might be :
– Why am I choosing this path?
– Why money?
– Why this impact and leadership?

The Addictive CEO

George: Most of my life I went  immediately to action. Nothing was ever good enough, even though I had done all the things.

But the last few years have taught me to sit with myself and honor these choices you talked about.

I can either feel this or lose this.  These were my only two options. 

But I want to remind people that we’re all human. And so for anyone reading, it’s still fucking hard, but I love every ounce of it because I feel so connected to mysef.

That’s the biggest thing. It is hard and it is freaking terrifying.

Jenn: Entrpreneuership is a fucking rollercoaster, and we never know if it’s going to end, or how big the job is.  And sometimes we’re blindfolded and don’t know if our seatbelts are on.

This is what we have to work with as entrepreneurs.And it’s so important for us as entrepreneurs, not to get caught up in the addiction of checking off the boxes.

We have to stop thinking that the next dollar amount, program, or mastermind is going to give us happiness, abundance, freedom, or joy, because we are in this world where we do the most extraordinary things.

If you would have told me way before I was an entrepreneur that I was gonna be making as much money as I’m making right now, I’d would have said: 

” You are freaking nuts. I I will never make that much money in my life, let alone in a month or a week or whatever it is.”

So we must never forget that there are infinite possibilities.

The human is the one that has limits and the soul is the one that’s limitless.

So, if we’re not fully fulfilled within ourselves, the money and the status and all of it,  it is only going to get you more of the same results that keep you stuck. 

So the real place to look for the answers is within.

Where Does It All Start?

George: I watch people in entrepreneurship  try to put seventeen fucking hammers in their toolbox instead of picking up the one that they have. But a hammer doesn’t build a house, a carpenter does. 

It’s his vision, skills, and everything that’s there.

Which is why I want to ask,  when you went from unfulfilled to blowing up your business, what was the process like?

Jenn :Honestly, it was the most terrifying process I’ve ever done in my life.

I had this amazing business and I was working with the most incredible woman at the time as a business mentor and we mapped out this whole spreadsheet for the million dollar plan.

In February of 2021, I sat there and thought “ this doesn’t feel good.”

So I went to my husband and said, “I’m about to blow up my business.”

He stopped in his tracks because he had just left his job like six months prior, to come into the business and do this life together.

He even asked me “ aren’t you building a business?”

I replied “ I can’t do this anymore. It doesn’t feel good to my heart and my soul.There’s something so much bigger and I’m just blowing it up.”

I had no fucking idea what was oging to happen, but I felt a little buzz that this was going to me my million dollar year. 

I sat with it and thought  to myself “ okay, if I genuinely trust and know this is going to be a million dollar year, then I have to trust this path”. 

So I literally blew up the whole business and told my entire team what we were about to do. 

We burned it to the ground, and had a lot of fun figuring it out.

Before I knew it, we were manifesting like crazy and I was collapsing time.

Everything  grew so fast, and it didn’t matter what the plays were. It only mattered who I was and what I stood for.

I had so much trust and faith in my relationship with myself and my team that we all rose above fear and blew up the business.

 Learning How To Trust Your Intuition

George: Was there a process for you in learning how to trust that and build that because so many entrepreneurs have asked me how to build a business that is fun.  

Jenn: It all started when I was younger with divorce parents and having an eating disorder.

I was forced to grow up way too fast and took on responsibility that wasn’t supposed to be mine. Because of all of that, it forced me to numb my emotions. It forced me to look externally. And for the longest time, I thought that my emotions  made me powerless. I thought that they were just this crazy out of control thing.

Which meant I had to learn the power I have in my emotions and that it was safe to feel them.

I’ll never forget the first time I had an argument with my husband, and he looked at me and said” strength is not doing it alone. It’s opening up. It’s letting me in. And it’s letting me help you.”

That was the first time in 2014 that I actually considered letting somebody else into my feelings, which means I wasn’t actually letting myself into my feelings. And, from that point on, I started to really truly get in touch with my feelings and my emotions.

I started to be able to discern the difference between fear and possibility. And emotional intelligence became something that I just became obsessed with studying.

If we can master our emotions, you can have whatever it is that you desire in this world. 

Soul Tribes

George- You talk about soul tribes, can you explain a bit more about this? 

Jenn: We’re often taught that we need to check these boxes and to network so you can have as many people in your circle as possible. But what happens when we attach our networth to our network is we create connections on a surface level. 

Because I was operating on a service level all of my connections were surface level and I connected with the credit card debt and student loan debts that I couldn’t pay off.

It got so bad I could barley pay for gas until I was able to connect on a deeper level and heal myself and recondition those old stories that didn’t serve me.

That’s when I started to find a soul tribe. I started to find out who my true friends were. The ones who don’t judge me or think I’m less than them. The friends who actually see me are more powerful because I can express my emotions.

And this is what a lot of entrepreneurs and people are missing today, especially women. 

Recap Of Burning It All Down

Jen is a walking embodiment of what the quote unquote secret is.  It’s not a funnel,  an upscale,  a strategy or a tactic. 

The truth is that success comes from full embodiment.

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