Backstage Pass

Unlock the Powerful Insights and Takeaways from the Austin 2023 Event

What if you could experience the event and…

  • Accelerate your revenue and sales growth beyond current levels.
  • Gain better insights into your business and target audience to boost engagement without sacrificing your well-being.
  • Master social media and establish a strong online presence to propel your business and elevate your brand.
  • Develop a customer journey to attract and retain clients who become loyal, repeat customers and advocate for your brand.
This is your virtual pass to all of the biggest moments.

This is your virtual pass to all of the biggest moments.

What you’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive 30+ page document featuring major takeaways, action steps, and talk summaries from the live event.
  • Gain exclusive access to guest speaker sessions with Dr. Greg Kimble, Alex Charfen, and Mo Ismail.
  • Dive deeper into the event’s biggest takeaways with exclusive video content featuring insights from myself and exclusive sessions from the event.

Attendees paid thousands of dollars between their tickets, lodging, and plane rides to be in the room and we know that so many of you truly wanted to be there but couldn’t make it work.

We’re bringing you the backstage pass for a limited time with assets to drop in by March 31st.

What other people say...

The marketing genius behind it all.

George Bryant,
Digital Marketing Expert

If you don’t know George, the famous Mike Dillard describes him as the “single best marketer in the world right now.” Others describe him as the Teddy Bear of Truth or the crazy bald dude with pink shoes. He does in fact eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and isn’t afraid to push you to be your best self.

Having helped scale some of the largest companies in the world, George is the industry’s best kept secret. With his no BS approach, George is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, just like you, shine your light and amplify your impact. Through his relationship-first approach to business and marketing, you can ethically scale your business in this transactional world with ease.

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