Navigating Invisible Hurdles While Healing with Kelsie Sheren

Ready to break through barriers, heal old wounds, and understand how to get rid of the victim mentality? 

In this episode, you’ll discover the power of accountability as you’ll learn how to break free from self-sabotage and step into radical ownership. Join Kelsie Sheren on her courageous journey of healing from trauma as we explore the transformative role of plant medicine and therapy. 

Tune in and learn how to…

  • Seize control of your life by rejecting victimhood and taking ownership and accountability.
  • Foster personal growth through genuine connections and authentic friendships.
  • Establish boundaries and allocate time for self-reflection to gain clarity and insight.
  • Embrace doubt as a catalyst for learning and exploration, pushing yourself to try new experiences.
  • Uncover past traumas and foster growth through journaling and self-examination.

Prepare to be inspired by George and Kelsie as they share how you can stay committed to your journey by maintaining consistency and mindfulness in your actions!

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction to Radical Honesty and Overcoming Victim Mentality
01:18 The Power of Accountability and Self-Awareness
02:09 Kelsie’s Journey: From Trauma to Triumph
03:34 Unpacking the Victim Mentality and the Path to Empowerment
08:09 Practical Steps Towards Self-Improvement and Radical Accountability
27:36 Kelsie’s Personal Battle: From Military Service to Healing and Purpose
34:25 The Journey to Healing Begins
34:40 A Desperate Search for Answers
37:09 Discovering the Power of Plant Medicine and Purpose
37:43 The Impact of Recognition and Support
49:14 Embracing the Lessons from Life’s Challenges
01:03:30 The Importance of Community and Authentic Connection

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