Never Feel Stuck Again After Watching This

Today I'm getting REAL about overcoming overwhelm and what you can do to get unstuck...

Be honest… how often do you feel stuck? 

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to keep moving forward, especially when obstacles arise, this solo cast is packed with actionable advice to execute at the highest level.

But before we get into that – if you’re new to podcasts, welcome!

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Let’s dive in!

Never Feel Stuck Again!

In the previous episodes, we’ve talked about environmental design, marketing, and the foundations and principles to create positive results in your business and life. 

Today, we’re talking about intention. 

Intention isn’t something you magically create.

It’s not hidden deep within… nor will you find it by just setting goals. 

And while it’s true that some people set goals and allow them to come to life, most people who do set goals fail. 

Intention reveals itself when you design your life around the person you want to become.

This is your permission to start setting intentions to skyrocket your business and life. 


How To Make 2023 Your Best Year

Personal responsbility! Yes, step outside of your comfort zone and own everything that happens inside of your life. 

Often, we become the victim of our lives, so we feel stuck in place, unable to take action to get to that next level. 

This is why I’m really excited about this podcast series and my life right now because there’s a lot of uncertainty…and it’s because I’ve grown; I’ve been able to handle it easily. 

So anytime you’re feeling stuck, you must remember, those feelings are a moment you can choose to become someone different…

But it requires that you create intention inside your life, so you don’t become reactive to external events. 

The Path Of Entrepreneurship Is A Reflection Of Your Beliefs

Everything inside of your life is a direct reflection of your beliefs. 

And before you say, “George, how can that be? I want success,”. I’m gonna remind you that nothing is ever as it seems. 

My good friend Garrain Jones says, “Change your mindset, change your life.” 

This means we get to choose our perception of the world and how we respond to showing up. 

Eventually, when you start changing your beliefs, you’ll see that you’ve made it through tough times and are stronger than you think. 


Your Greatest Asset In Life

Everything you do can be reframed into one thing—time!

And the more intentionally we use it, the better it works for us.

Every time you hear this podcast, you know you have strength. You know you have a community.

Every time you hear this podcast, you’re reminded of your resiliency and tenacity; every time you hear this podcast, you’re reminded that you have the tools. You have the support and the ability, and you get to choose and remember to take this action.

And whenever needed, you return to the basics and listen to the entire series in January.

So remember that relationships will always beat algorithms, especially the one with yourself. You’ll either see me in the next episode or you will catch me on socials.

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