Obsess about Depth with Matt Vincent

Have you ever felt like your business has hit a wall? We’ve all been there and aren’t alone in facing the uncertainty that comes with those emotions. 

Many wonder, push through solo or seek guidance? Today George is joined by Matt Vincent to dive into breaking through limitations and charting a course for business growth. 

Learn how to seek the right help and move through this journey with the right people in your corner. Listen in to learn how to…

  • Embrace ease in your approach to challenges, personally and professionally. 
  • Prioritize personal practices for professional success.
  • Integrate the lessons you learn from different key experiences. 

Ready to redefine your business approach? This episode equips you to embrace ease, build resilience, and confidently navigate the journey to business success.


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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
01:12 Reflecting on Personal Growth and Happiness
03:03 The Shift from Chaos to Peace
04:02 The Importance of Self-Reflection and Adaptation
07:11 Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
09:36 The Power of Consistency and Discipline
13:49 The Journey of Entrepreneurship
16:00 The Importance of Customer Journey in Business
18:37 The Shift in Business Approach
27:11 The Power of Entrepreneurship and Surrounding Yourself with Greatness
33:52 Finding Your Motivation
34:20 The Power of Consistency and Patience
34:44 The Importance of Self-Care in Entrepreneurship
35:03 Quality of Questions Dictates the Quality of Answers
35:18 Running Your Business Your Way
36:30 The Importance of Authenticity in Business
36:43 The Rise of Entrepreneurship
37:21 Scaling Your Business: From 2,500 to 5,000
37:45 The Mistake of Automating Too Soon
39:38 Building a Successful Business: The Christmas Tree Metaphor
42:25 The Importance of Accountability in Business
42:44 The Trap of Adding More to Your Business
51:59 The Importance of Problem Solving in Entrepreneurship
54:26 The Role of Community in Business Success
01:01:21 The Importance of Personalization in Business

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