Part 9 of 10- Four Virtues for Effective Coaching and Leadership

Join George as he continues to explore the breakdown of the chapters from “The Talent Code”. Today’s episode dives into the depths of chapter 9 where we uncover the concept of four virtues that shapes effective coaching and leadership. 

Listen in to learn the…

  • Importance of seeking personal growth outside the nine-to-five paradigm.
  • Practical applications of the 4 virtues in your business.
  • Idea that coaching and teaching are interchangeable titles.
  • Value of creating an environment that fosters growth, sharpens your perspective and embraces authenticity in coaching. 

Unlock the secrets of the four virtues and enhance your core skills of your true potential. If you are looking to make a lasting impact, you won’t want to miss this episode!

This series goes in order by chapter, so if you missed one and want to review, use the links below to listen to earlier chapters. 

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