Q&A Group Podcast: Authenticity, AI, and Social Media Strategy

Today George and Ashley are joined by several guests who are from the Relationships Beat Algorithms Alliance where they explore how entrepreneurs can navigate their personal growth, manage the impact of past traumas on their professional journey, and find fulfillment in connections that foster healing and growth. 

Grab your earbuds and tune in to learn how to…

  • AI is not a substitute for human creativity in business, but rather a tool that can support you.
  • Strategies for efficient content management and engagement practices.
  • Manage the overwhelm of entrepreneurship through presence and activity auditing.

This episode is packed with practical advice that will support you in your journey from your well-being, content, and everything in between.

Here’s where you can find our guests:
Brianna Sexton
Aleksander Brankov
Aleah Ava

We weren’t meant to do this alone… Whether it be business, relationships, or life. This is why this is an invitation for you…to join us inside the Relationships Beat Algorithms Alliance!!!

Click here for a summary of the Alliance because if you’re coming here into the show notes, there’s a good chance you already know! 😉

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Welcome to a Magical Episode!
01:35 The Journey of Healing and Transformation
02:20 The Power of Questions and Wisdom
03:59 Unlocking the Magic of Sound with Brianna
07:32 Exploring the Depths of Sound and Its Impact
15:53 Aleksander’s Insights: Rationalism and the Power of Stillness
28:55 Embracing Emotions and Healing with Aleah
40:57 Navigating the World of AI and Human Connection
51:11 Exploring AI’s Creative Potential
51:21 The Power of AI in Fostering Children’s Creativity
52:43 Navigating Entrepreneurial Challenges with Mindfulness
52:54 Embracing Forced Presence and Simplification
54:58 Identifying Personal and Business Needle Movers
01:04:19 The Impact of Social Media on Personal Growth
01:07:28 Creating Authentic Content on Social Media
01:25:35 Reflecting on the Alliance and Personal Growth

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