[R] Stop finding things that are not working and expect to be happy

This episode is coming back around because it’s THAT good and worth another listen!!

Are you stuck chasing happiness and success in an endless loop?

Join George as he unveils a transformative exercise for life and business. Break free from the cycle and make choices leading to lasting happiness and entrepreneurial success.

Listen in to discover..

  • Why happiness is dynamic, driven by actions and habits.
  • Mel Robbins’ transformative exercise.
  • How to apply her lesson to personal and business life.

Remember, your life is a sum of your small habits and actions. By consistently focusing on what you love and making small changes, you can find happiness and success in both your personal and business life.

Check out Mel Robbins’ video overviewing the exercise HERE.
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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction and Importance of Happiness
01:03 Mel Robbins’ Happiness Exercise
02:12 Applying the Exercise to Personal and Business Life
06:33 Personal Reflections and Overcoming Challenges
20:08 Final Thoughts and Encouragement

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