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Join over 100+ entrepreneurs today and experience the power of being part of a community that has the “real” unfiltered conversations.
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Why The Alliance?

Your business is a journey, and I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be inundated with information, and feel at a standstill. The Alliance provides you with No-BS advice and community when you actually need it.

  • Do you want to level up personally and professionally?
  • Do you want an incredible community to make that journey easier and more fun?
  • Do you want direct access to me and my team and a peek inside at EVERY model and playbook I use to coach my private clients for a fraction of the price?
Welcome home to

The Alliance

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No seriously, take your shoes off, you’re home.

Hey there, I'm George

With over 10+ years of entrepreneurship, I’ve seen enough to know that entrepreneurs are massively craving one thing right now: a community that thrives on relationships and honesty about what’s happening behind the curtain. 

That’s why I created the Relationships Beat Algorithms Alliance

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    Since 2010, I’ve transformed some of the biggest online brands across multiple industries through the power of relationships, scaled multi-million dollar businesses, and created priceless customer journeys.
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    After instantly losing seven figures and a multi-million dollar business in a matter of days, I realized one thing- trends come and go. Relationships are what will make you money forever.
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    My mission is to help entrepreneurs ethically scale their business by shifting marketing paradigms through proven frameworks and sharing lessons and strategies I’ve used to help build 7-figure businesses and The Mind Of George from the ground up.
Ethos of the Alliance

What the Alliance Stands for

Let’s have the "real" unfiltered conversations as we face the storms that are guaranteed to come in our business.

I want you unfiltered!

It’s part of being a human being on this huge floating ball called earth. That’s why we want you to come exactly as you are…no filters, no masks, no half said “life is great.” I want the real you. The real answers even if it is “life is poop, but I’m still going.”

The Alliance is just a group of humans trying to make a difference and truthfully we’re better doing it all together.

 So stop playing it safe as you hide in the shadows, it’s time for you to finally come out from your desk and do the damn thing. So what do you say?

Here’s what you’ll receive inside of the

Relationships Beat
Algorithms Alliance 

Fast Track to Clarity 4 Week Course

To help you lay the foundation as you join us inside of the community. 

You will be nailing down with you a clear vision of where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you want to become. From there, you’ll be creating habits and daily practices to help you tangibly create that future self brick by brick. 

Weekly Community Zoom Calls

Covering the top 3 focuses for all entrepreneurs: mindset, relationships, and customer journey. 

From group calls with myself, guest expert calls, and check-in calls with my CEO, Ashley…call times are usually Thursdays from 11am-12pm ET and/or 2pm-3:30pm ET. Subject to change based on the community’s preference.

Private Circle Community Platform

Your home to ask questions, share your wins, dive into exclusive trainings and so much more. 

This is where you come to recharge your battery so you can get back to creating an impact. We also will be sending you weekly drops on Friday that will deepen your learning and provide you with reminders on how to integrate that month’s focus. 

As an Alliance Member you'll come in and see that we work on this together

  • This is about me and you, not me versus you, not you versus anybody in the community, but all of us coming together to support each other's alignment in our vision and in our business, knowing that nobody else can build our business or build our vision. 
  • You may be wondering…who else is going to be on your team? Who else is going to be part of the Alliance running alongside with you? What requirements are there?
I know you’re used to filtering to see if it will match your income level and your niche.
I’m throwing it all out the window because I truly mean it when I say I’m open to anyone being on our team.
  • You can be at any level of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re just starting out, doing 5, 6, 7, or even 8 figures. I have all the tools to apply to each level of business regardless of your starting point. Income level doesn’t play a factor in being able to join the Alliance or to reap the benefits inside.
  • I'm welcoming with open arms any kind of niche as well too. I have members who are consultants, brand strategists, marketers, coaches, realtors, physical product creators, digital product sellers, and so many others unique in their own way that it would take a page to list them all.
But what makes all of these in common are the ingredients that align all of these members together. It’s not their niche, how they serve, but rather who they are underneath all the business titles.

I’ll call out my own elephant that is hiding in the corner, even typing this:  I feel that Resistance to Commitment. 

I used to convince myself that there was a missing play, a missing “secret” or that another version of myself would show up and fix it for me. 

He did. He never left. He always was. 

I was just looking in the wrong direction, pretending I was missing something. 

I was missing the practice. I had multiples of all the ingredients, complained that I was hungry, and never took the time to use them or put them into the oven to feed myself. 

Sometimes the secret is investing more time in the buckets that scare us the most and loving the progress instead of the perfection.

And inside of RBAA, you’ll have a built-in support system that will help you navigate any fires that pop up in your business or life whether you started them or not.

Consider this as my accountability token for us to hold each other accountable, but also share our insights and share our knowledge.
  • You’ll be supported through the good times and the bad knowing that if you really don't focus on your mindset first, your relationship second, and then applying those things to the customer journey, it will tumble down.
  • Which is why we’ll be working on the customer journey of your relationships, your friendships, and your business, your team, as well as your relationship with yourself and all of those people and the mindset required in each one of those buckets.
Because it's the combination of having clarity with you designing the workout, but then having people that are running the same race with you to help you along the way. (Who are also celebrating your wins the entire way!)

Let me share with you the ingredients that make a

Good Alliance Member

  • Identifies as a heart centered seasoned entrepreneur who’s been around the block once or twice.
  • Have collected a ton of information, nuggets, and hacks, but are looking for accountability and integration support to bring all of it to life. (And to be able to share these same insights with others!)
  • Been looking for a place where they don’t have to dim their light and are wanting to be fully accepted for who they are right now in this stage of their journey.
  • Live by the book the “Go-Giver” — always giving what they want to receive in return. Always shining their light, being the example, and showing up unconditionally for others.
  • Are people first, profit second — looking to create an impact, legacy, and generational wealth. (In that order too!)
There’s a good chance, as you were reading I also described you too. I did mention earlier, I believe we’re on the same wavelength here! 🙂 

The moment you join, you’re put on the Fast Track to Clarity...

  • You will be nailing down a clear vision of where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you want to become. From there, you’ll be creating habits and daily practices to help you tangibly create that future self brick by brick.
  • It’s the real stuff that you’ve been craving in order to stop spinning your wheels & creating the same situations month after month. You can’t deposit excuses into your bank account, so why are you constantly cashing in that rain check hoping it will result in a positive ROI?
That’s why our content is all about you either taking it and implementing it because it resonates OR waiting for the next drop to see if it lands.
  • I am ONLY providing tangible and measurable content that is curated specifically for you to implement it easily into your business and life. It’s designed to be saved, to come back later & relisten and implement, and to share with your team to help you master this workout.
  • As we continue in our journey together, I will be giving you the bricks to design your customer journey. My intention is that I give you the bricks and the science to build, but truly the art is in YOU integrating it.

Why in the world of

High Ticket?

…Am I offering this at only $100 a month?

Breaking the fourth wall for you here, it feels really good to me to offer it for less than most of us spend on coffee in a month.
  • I don’t want this to be a line item on your profit and loss statement that you have to debate about cutting in order to put groceries on the table. I’d tell you groceries first all day every day before investing into something of mine.
  • I want you to be able to easily prioritize the Alliance knowing that you get 10x the value for what you’re charged for each month. Making this a no-brainer, a heck yes, and I can’t believe this is all I’m getting charged.
This isn’t a quick cash grab, a checkbox in my plan to scale, or even something I planned on launching 6 months ago.
  • I’ve simply decided to give you what so many of you have been asking me to create for the last 18 months at a price point that takes all the objections and throws them out the window. 
  • Because it’s about dominos for me. (And not the pizza!) 
  • I believe if I can positively support one person (domino) to create change in this world, they will then turn around and support 10 more people. Those 10 people will help change 10 more people and so on creating a chain reaction of positive change in this world.
And it would be an honor to support you inside of the Alliance helping create a positive domino effect that will forever help change people’s lives (including those you love the most.)

Join as an Alliance member and help come break the internet as we focus 100% on people and coming into alliance together to Change The World.

Here’s the deal –  I'm excited to open this to you as this is going to be open as long as I’m in business. This is for you just as much as this is for me. 
  • So if you have one thought about doing it for *just* 6 months… Or if you’re thinking $100 a month is too much…
  • I’ll be very straight with you – this isn't for you. 
If you’re feeling like this is a Heck Yes, I would love to welcome you to be a founding member. It's an open enrollment program, with no scarcity based deadlines attached. 🙂
  • But before you say yes, I want to be crystal clear with you. If you decide to cancel your subscription, I require a one week notice so my team can stop the autopay. 
  • Your inactivity will not cancel your subscription – an email to [email protected] will. I believe in clear communication and so if you have resistance to sending an email letting us know you’d like to cancel, don’t pass go. 
Simple Pricing

Become a part of

The Alliance Now

The Alliance Member
$ 100
  • Weekly Community Zoom Calls
  • Access to Relationships Beat Algorithms Alliance Community on Circle
  • Fast Track to Clarity 4 Week Course
  • Resource Library with Goodies on Customer Journey, George's favorites, and so much more!
  • A place to ask ALL your questions - LIVE on Zoom and on our membership platform
  • Epic Monthly Guest Teachers
    (Marketing, Branding, Web Design, Automation etc.)
Join Now
The Alliance Member
$ 997
  • Weekly Community Zoom Calls
  • Access to Relationships Beat Algorithms Alliance Community on Circle
  • Fast Track to Clarity 4 Week Course
  • Resource Library with Goodies on Customer Journey, George's favorites, and so much more!
  • A place to ask ALL your questions - LIVE on Zoom and on our membership platform
  • Epic Monthly Guest Teachers
    (Marketing, Branding, Web Design, Automation etc.)
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The Alliance is a community for entrepreneurs designed to provide no-BS advice, support, and a platform for unfiltered conversations about business and personal growth.

Entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey, whether just starting out or managing multi-million dollar businesses, are welcome to join. The community is open to all niches and industries.

Members receive access to weekly community Zoom calls, a private community platform, a 4-week Fast Track to Clarity course, a resource library, and monthly guest teacher sessions.

Membership costs $100 per month or $997 per year, with a 20% discount for annual subscriptions.

The Zoom calls focus on the top three areas for entrepreneurs: mindset, relationships, and customer journey, providing practical advice and strategies for each.

It’s a 4-week course designed to help you establish a clear vision for your goals, create habits, and develop daily practices to achieve your desired future.

You can join by clicking here for the monthly subscription plan or here for the yearly subscription plan.

The Resource Library includes valuable content on customer journeys, marketing strategies, and various tools and resources curated by George and his team.

It is an exclusive platform where members can ask questions, share wins, access exclusive training, and receive weekly updates to enhance their learning and business growth.

Yes, you can cancel your membership by providing a one-week notice via email to [email protected]. Inactivity will not cancel your subscription; clear communication is required.