Sharpening Your Blade as an Influential Entrepreneur with John Welbourn

Reflecting back upon this episode as I recorded it with John, I cannot even begin to summarize the incredible conversation we recorded for you to listen in on. Taking the time to listen will give you more insight into how to become a better human than any episode we’ve produced this far. Here’s the more professional summary for you as expected…

In this episode, George and his special guest John Welbourn are also diving into:

  • Hollow arguments that make you lose every single time (and the 3 things to change)
  • Why words are important, but reactions are everything at events
  • How I shifted into alignment with events and changed everything
  • Are you giving back or are you playing the game?
  • When the student is ready, the master appears

It’s a power packed interview as we discuss the March event, NFL, how we met, and so much more to catch up with the old pals that we are. You can find John over on Instagram to connect with him further.

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