The Social Media 
Mastery Bundle

Seamlessly Convert Social Media Conversations And Turn Them Into High Paying Clients Without Sales Calls

Normal price: $423

The Social Media Bundle is a series of programs designed to help you establish a framework for social media growth while saving more time and energy so you can increase your conversions. 

If you’re ready to learn how to implement a proven framework for turning comments to cash and leading DM’s into high paying clients, this bundle is for you.

Without a framework to convert your audience, it can lead to frustration and overwhelm.

Your growth will outpace your ability to maintain relationships and you’ll lose out on potential clients.

If you’re on this page, you’re likely thinking:

There aren’t enough hours in a day...

… to keep up with all the social media platforms and the demands of my audience while getting everything done.

How to attract the right kinds of attention...

…and turn them into paying clients without losing momentum or posting five times a day?

Your calendar feels jammed pack so...

…you don’t want to do sales calls and wonder how you can convert your social media conversations into cash?

I’ve heard these questions and more from so many entrepreneurs… and you're not alone.

The algorithms have left entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed and burned out on social media. But if you want to grow your business in 2023 and beyond,  you need a strong social media strategy. 

That’s why I created this bundle..so you can take back your time and energy while making more money doing what you love instead of fighting with the algorithms. 


Profitable DM’s (valued at $247)

In this 3-step process, you’ll get instant access to my playbook for profitable DM’s so you can ethically scale your business through social media. I’ll teach you the exact methods I’ve used to skyrocket multiple 7-figure businesses, and give you the trademark customer journey model I use with all my private 1-1 clients so you can start turning DM’s into sales today.

Comments To Cash (Valued at $97)

In this 6-Module framework you’ll learn how to dominate social media and skyrocket your business on any platform by turning those comments into conversions. From email marketing, to hook generation, and customer insights, you’ll get the exact system I’ve used with private clients and companies to scale their business on social media.

Social Media Lead Generation Machine (Valued at $79)

Stop the scroll with my 4-step process for converting hearts and comments to high paying customers.

The Social Media Bundle is for you if you’ve felt the frustration of trying to wear…


While working till exhaustion and if you’re ready to:

If you’re nodding your head yes while your notifications are going off in the background, then this is the bundle for you. With the social media bundle, I walk you through the exact frameworks I use with my clients to take you from unsure to confidently closing clients inside your DM’s.

The marketing genius behind it all.

George Bryant,
Digital Marketing Expert

If you don’t know George, the famous Mike Dillard describes him as the “single best marketer in the world right now.” Others describe him as the Teddy Bear of Truth or the crazy bald dude with pink shoes. He does in fact eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and isn’t afraid to push you to be your best self.

Having helped scale some of the largest companies in the world, George is the industry’s best kept secret. With his no BS approach, George is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, just like you, shine your light and amplify your impact. Through his relationship-first approach to business and marketing, you can ethically scale your business in this transactional world with ease.

If you’re ready to dominate social media...

and ethically grow your business — let’s get started today!