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The Wedge Of Expectations

The most common question I am asked from entrepreneurs  is :


“ how do you make building customer journeys and scaling multiple brands look so easy?”

My answer- containers. 

Containers are a protection for your time, energy, and money. 

Even if your marketing is on point, everything has to trickle from the inside out.

The reason why scaling a business can lead to burnout and overwhelm is that entrepreneurship is a game that is filled  with many unknowns. But when you create a space with floors and ceilings, expansion and uncertainty become home for untapped potential.

Most entrepreneurs never think about the range of capacity. Rather, they like to push themselves to the max and expect results to follow. But the truth is that pressure without intention breaks everything.

This means that your consistency over an extended period is what will create long-term success and fulfillment in life and your business.

And it’s all about managing


Floors And Ceilings

Hands down the best way to grow and achieve success is by creating clarity inside your life. 

The benefit of using The Wedge of Expectations is that it helps you create daily expectations for everything in your life. This system reduces overwhelm and allows you to see progress in action. 

Questions To Ask Yourself 
  1. Are you showing up to the world as your best self every day? 
  2. Where are you limiting yourself? 
  3. Does your environment support growth?
  4. Do you know your needs, wants, and values?
  5. What are you holding on to that you have outgrown?

The Wedge is a system to help you see where you spend your time because your results will be validated the more you test your beliefs. And when you create a space with floors and ceilings, expansion and uncertainty become home for untapped potential.

Onto the implementation phase…

Protecting Time & Energy

Something I see a lot of entrepreneurs doing is acting busy without getting shit done. 

Think about how much time is wasted on social media. How about sales calls that lead to nothing?  What about you total time on screen?


Infusing your life and business with The Wedge Of Expectations will protect your time, energy, and money so that you never feel behind.

What is one thing you know you want to do EVERYDAY that will make your life and business that much better?
  • Is it time-based?
  • Is it relationship-based?
  • Is it financial? 
  • Is it energy?

The benefits of using the Wedge Of Expectations allows you to create intentionality to every step of the process in your life so you skyrocket your success and create the results you desire.

And there you have it, my secret formula for getting shit done!

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