Step Process For Generating More Leads And Increasing Engagement On Social Media

Social media might be constantly changing, but I watch too many entrepreneurs miss out on a massive opportunity to build a scalable brand. But with new platforms coming out left and right, how do you stop the scroll and gather the right kind of attention?

I call it the PINK Method, and it’s my four step process for generating more leads and increasing engagement on social media.

PINK Method 

If you think social media is saturated and struggle with producing content, then this podcast episode is for you. I’ve only shared this with my private clients and it’s the exact method used to scale multiple 6, 7, 8, and nine figure businesses.

To motivate people to stop scrolling and pay attention to your content, you need to be able to do these four things with every piece of content you create.

Next Steps

Trust me when I see, this is the secret sauce not only stopping your ideal customers in their tracks, but getting their attention and moving them one step closer into your world or into your ecosystem.

Let’s break the PINK Method down.



One of the most important things you need to do first is grab attention. There are a variety of ways you do this, but I like to use pattern interrupts via visual, audio, and written hooks.

What does that mean?


Sometimes it’s as simple as the pink glasses I wear.  Other times it’s people dancing on TikTok. And other times, it’s a series of words or statistics like “ email marketing is dead” that grab your attention because you challenge the hook. 


P is where you constantly ask yourself before you create content, how you can stand out in a crowded world, and how it benefits your audience.

The easiest way is to be authentically you, add your personality, be connected, and play the game.

When the P is utilized correctly, It stops people in their tracks and opens up curiosity for them to explore what’s next.

For example, I just titled a podcast, The Eight Lessons That You Need To Get Ahead Of 93% of People.

That is a pause that opens intrigue. People are curious because it’s a statistic and it hooks them in.

One of my favorite headlines I ever wrote was my best converting subject line is: The mafia is hiding in your pantry.

Now, this was for an olive oil company. And we were selling olive oil, but we had a story to talk about how the olive oil mob was like a $2 billion business. And when I said The mafia is hiding in your pantry, everybody paused and was like, What are you talking about?

Remember, no matter what social media platform you use, if you capture attention, you can instantly become more relatable and powerful.

Next up …


Once you capture attention, it’s time to speak towards your  ideal avatar.

We can call them out by name and we can say,” Hey, if you’re an entrepreneur doing five figures a month and you want to get to six figures, stick around. “

We can use open loops and say, I’m gonna share with you the three tips to double your  productivity in half the time. And for a superpower effect, you can say something like:

If you’re a five figure entrepreneur and you want to make six figures, I’m gonna share with you the three tips that you can learn in five minutes to double your productivity in half the time.

With intrigue, your audience knows it’s for them and what to expect because you are intriguing them to invest their attention by setting the frame. 

After you pause and gather intrigue, you need a next step.


I watch so many entrepreneurs gather attention, but forget the next step.

This is where I say. attention without a call to action is a liability.

Once you grab attention, it’s your job to tell them what to do next.

You  can say, “stick around, I’m about to give you training on X, Y, Z or anything along that framework that gives them a next step.

Another one I like to use is “ once you watch this, I  want you to go do this one thing. “

With the next step, no matter what type of content you create, you lead your audience with authority to make sure that you never grab attention and keep it. Because if you grab attention without s next step, your audience will never come back because you did not follow through with a promise. 

And finally we get into…


If you’ve done all of the above, it’s time to kick start  the customer journey.


The importance of customer journey is that in order for you to generate qualified leads and increase revenue,  you need to know where your audience is going before they do.

And you need to have a plan well before they choose to engage with our content. So with every piece of content you create, you must ensure you always have a next step that kick starts the customer journey.

And that is the PINK METHOD

P is for pause, also known as pattern interrupt.

I is for intrigue and identifying who you’re speaking to.

N is for next step because attention without a call to action is a liability.

K is kickstarting that customer journey. 


Whether that’s an opt-in, whether it’s an offer, whether it’s getting the common on a post or getting to read a book, our job is to lead and we must lead all the time.

So go be pink and and remember the most important thing you can: Relationships will always  beat algorithms.

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