Surrounding Yourself with Lighthouses with Andrew Schubert part 1

Join George in this deeply personal, emotional and introspective conversation with his friend Andrew Schubert about their journey of healing, self discovery, transformation and personal growth.

Both Andrew and George share experiences regarding their trauma, feelings, self-reparenting, and the impact of past experiences on their present relationships. They reflect on what they went through with rage, anxiety, and the role of feelings in decision-making. Throughout the conversation, they share how their perspectives on emotions and healing have evolved over time and the impact of these changes on their relationships.

This is a great episode to listen about the power of vulnerability and feeling, as well as the importance of service and supporting others. 

Grab your earbuds and tune in to learn how…

  • Deep relationships can be formed through vulnerability and service
  • The power of community and support can lead to breakthroughs
  • Embracing feelings and emotions can lead to transformation
  • Breaking the cycle of rage and anger through self-awareness and intentionality
  • Emotional intelligence is crucial in parenting and building strong relationships
  • Reparenting and modeling feelings is important for children’s emotional development

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction to Mind of George Show
00:13 The Magic of Deep Connections and Personal Growth
02:32 The Journey to the Show: Overcoming Challenges
03:56 Reflecting on the Impactful Retreat Experience
04:58 Behind the Scenes: The Challenges and Triumphs of Organizing the Retreat
06:57 The Power of Vulnerability and Community
12:21 The Unforgettable Impact of the Retreat on Participants
16:02 Reflections and Takeaways: The Journey of Growth and Connection
25:43 The Weight of Words and Actions
26:57 The Power of Vulnerability and Personal Growth
27:32 Revisiting Past Experiences with a New Perspective
27:58 The Importance of Presence and Listening
34:34 Embracing Emotions and the Journey of Healing
41:46 Navigating Relationships and Self-Reflection
43:36 Parenting, Emotions, and Reparenting Ourselves
49:25 Finding Authenticity and Learning from Life

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