Surrounding Yourself with Lighthouses with Andrew Schubert part 2

Are you ready for part 2?

Join the second part of this great episode between George and Andrew Schubert in which they share a raw and meaningful conversation on the importance of presence, authenticity, and embracing the weirdness in life. They also chat on the power of vulnerability, gratitude, and taking action on divine messages.

This episode will encourage you to embrace unconventional aspects of life and to maintain a sense of curiosity, openness and to choose the dream life now. 

George and Andrew discuss the importance of expressing gratitude, taking new behaviors, and collapsing the gap between thoughts and actions. They emphasize the need to surround oneself with lighthouses, people who inspire and support personal growth. 

Tune in and learn about…

  • How labeling and processing emotions can lead to healing and growth
  • How authenticity and letting go of expectations can bring freedom and joy
  • Being present and embracing small wins and lessons
  • Choosing the dream life and practicing positive deposits in order to live a fulfilling life

Remember: get weird, step out of your comfort zones, and choose to experience life to the fullest!!

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction to Part Two: Embracing Presence and Expression
01:00 The Journey to Self-Discovery and Authenticity
02:16 Embracing Emotions and Reparenting Oneself
03:12 The Power of Gratitude and Personal Growth
04:53 Navigating Relationships and Personal Transformation
13:30 From Career Setback to Entrepreneurial Spirit
18:52 The Magic of Networking and Embracing Opportunities
36:19 Deep Dive into Gratitude and Self-Acceptance
41:21 Embracing Vulnerability and Emotional Freedom
42:03 The Power of Feeling Every Emotion
43:44 Transforming Through Authenticity and Vulnerability
46:52 The Journey of Self-Expression and Joy
48:49 Dancing Through Life’s Challenges
50:17 The Importance of Presence and Being True to Yourself
51:43 Reclaiming Childhood Innocence and Joy
56:45 Reflections on Life, Loss, and the Path Forward

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